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Created February 8, 2023 23:10
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Create Network Backup for HomeSeer


This is a simplified set of instructions to mount a network share that can be used to backup HS4-pi


  1. Create NFS share on desired server.
  2. log into the terminal on HS4 and mount the NFS share a. mkdir /mnt/sharepoint b. mount :/nfs/sharepoint /mnt/sharepoint b. mkdir /mnt/sharepoint/backups
  3. Add the NFS share to /etc/fstab on the HS4
  4. Update the backup send to on HS4 web console to new path /mnt/sharepoint/backups
  5. Test backup by running manual backup
  6. ensure new backup exists

sudo rsync -azh --no-perms --no-owner --no-group /usr/local/HomeSeer /mnt/sharepoint/HomeSeer

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