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extension Error {
public var legibleDescription: String {
switch errorType {
case .swiftError(.enum?):
return "\(type(of: self)).\(self)"
case .swiftError:
return String(describing: self)
case .swiftLocalizedError(let msg):
return msg
case .nsError(_, "kCLErrorDomain", 0):
return "The location could not be determined."
// ^^ Apple don’t provide a localized description for this
case .nsError(let nsError, _, _):
if !localizedDescription.hasPrefix("The operation couldn’t be completed.") {
return localizedDescription
//FIXME ^^ for non-EN
} else if let underlyingError = nsError.userInfo[NSUnderlyingErrorKey] as? Error {
return underlyingError.legibleDescription
} else {
// usually better than the localizedDescription, but not pretty
return nsError.debugDescription
private var errorType: ErrorType {
if String(cString: object_getClassName(self)) != "_SwiftNativeNSError" {
// ^^ ∵ otherwise implicit bridging implicitly casts as for other tests
// ^^ ∵ localizedDescription for most custom Swift Errors just says “the operation failed to complete”
let nserr = self as NSError
return .nsError(nserr, domain: nserr.domain, code: nserr.code)
} else if let err = self as? LocalizedError, let msg = err.errorDescription {
return .swiftLocalizedError(msg)
} else {
return .swiftError(Mirror(reflecting: self).displayStyle)
private enum ErrorType {
case nsError(NSError, domain: String, code: Int)
case swiftLocalizedError(String)
case swiftError(Mirror.DisplayStyle?)
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