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Over 1200 LV2 plugins. Almost all are available in the AUR for Arch Linux/Manjaro/pacman distributions. Note URIs are normally only used internally in hosts.
# IFS=$'\n' arr=($(lv2ls)) && IFS=$'\n' arr2=($(lv2ls -n)) && for (( i=0; i<${#arr[*]}; ++i)); do printf "%s|%s\n" "${arr[$i]}" "${arr2[$i]}"; done | column -t -s "|"
file:///usr/lib/lv2/audio_to_audio.ingen/main.ttl audio_to_audio
file:///usr/lib/lv2/control_to_control.ingen/main.ttl control_to_control
file:///usr/lib/lv2/cv_to_cv.ingen/main.ttl cv_to_cv
file:///usr/lib/lv2/event_to_event.ingen/main.ttl event_to_event
file:///usr/lib/lv2/gen_amsynth_filte_out.ingen/main.ttl gen_amsynth_filte_out
file:///usr/lib/lv2/MonoEffect.ingen/MonoEffect.ttl Ingen Mono Effect Template
file:///usr/lib/lv2/MonoInstrument.ingen/MonoInstrument.ttl Ingen Mono Instrument Template
file:///usr/lib/lv2/StereoEffect.ingen/StereoEffect.ttl Ingen Stereo Effect Template
file:///usr/lib/lv2/StereoInstrument.ingen/StereoInstrument.ttl Ingen Stereo Instrument Template The Function The Pilgrim EasySSP Arpeggiator LFO Blender MIDI Pattern Calf Analyzer Calf Bass Enhancer Calf Compensation Delay Line Calf Compressor Calf Crusher Calf Deesser Calf Emphasis Calf Envelope Filter Calf Equalizer 12 Band Calf Equalizer 30 Band Calf Equalizer 5 Band Calf Equalizer 8 Band Calf Exciter Calf Filter Calf Filterclavier Calf Flanger Calf Fluidsynth Calf Gate Calf Haas Stereo Enhancer Calf Limiter Calf Mono Compressor Calf Mono Input Calf Monosynth Calf Multi Chorus Calf Multi Spread Calf Multiband Compressor Calf Multiband Enhancer Calf Multiband Gate Calf Multiband Limiter Calf Organ Calf Phaser Calf Pitch Tools Calf Pulsator Calf Reverb Calf Reverse Delay Calf Ring Modulator Calf Rotary Speaker Calf Saturator Calf Sidechain Compressor Calf Sidechain Gate Calf Sidechain Limiter Calf Stereo Tools Calf Tape Simulator Calf Transient Designer Calf Vintage Delay Calf Vinyl Calf Vocoder Calf Wavetable Calf X-Over 2 Band Calf X-Over 3 Band Calf X-Over 4 Band amsynth PitchedDelay traKmeter (Multi) (null) traKmeter (Stereo) (null) ALO 3 Band EQ 3 Band Splitter Kars MVerb MaBitcrush MaFreeverb MaGigaverb MaPitchshift Nekobi Ping Pong Pan ProM glBars ADSR Envelope Retriggerable ADSR Envelope Amplifier Branch Retriggerable DAHDSR Envelope Difference Frequency Modulator Control to CV Interpolator 4 Pole Resonant Low-Pass Product Pulse Quantiser (100 Steps) Quantiser (20 Steps) Quantiser (50 Steps) Random Wave Ratio Sawtooth 16 Step Sequencer 32 Step Sequencer 64 Step Sequencer Square Sum Clock Pulse Clock Square Tracker Triangle Auto-wah CS Chorus 1 CS Chorus 2 Moog High-Pass Filter 1 Moog Low-Pass Filter 1 Moog Low-Pass Filter 2 Moog Low-Pass Filter 3 Moog Low-Pass Filter 4 4-Band Parametric Filter Pulse VCO Rec VCO Saw VCO Triple chorus MDA Ambience MDA Bandisto MDA BeatBox MDA Combo MDA DX10 MDA De-ess MDA Degrade MDA Delay MDA Detune MDA Dither MDA DubDelay MDA Dynamics MDA ePiano MDA Image MDA JX10 MDA Leslie MDA Limiter MDA Loudness MDA MultiBand MDA Overdrive MDA Piano MDA RePsycho! MDA RezFilter MDA RingMod MDA RoundPan MDA Shepard MDA Splitter MDA Stereo MDA SubSynth MDA TalkBox MDA TestTone MDA ThruZero MDA Tracker MDA Transient MDA VocInput MDA Vocoder Percussive AD Envelope Percussive AD Envelope with levels Comparison Exponential DAHDSR Envelope DAHDSR Envelope (Linear A, Exponential DR) Fast Crossfade Formant Filter Hz to V/Oct Masher Multiplexer Probability Switch Range Translator Sample and Hold Signed Absolute Value Slew Limiter Slide Simple Waveguide Mesh drumkv1 BassUp CS10QM CS10QM-SC CS10QS CS10QS-SC EQ10Q Mono EQ10Q Stereo EQ1Q Mono EQ1Q Stereo EQ4Q Mono EQ4Q Stereo EQ6Q Mono EQ6Q Stereo GT10QM GT10QS LR2MS MS2LR Black Pearl Drumkit Black Pearl Drumkit Multi Red Zeppelin Drumkit Red Zeppelin Drumkit Multi setBfree DSP Tonewheel Organ x42 Whirl - Rotary Speaker x42 Whirl - Rotary Speaker -- Simple Stereo Balance Control Control Port Exponential Control Invert Control Linear Scale Control Low Pass Control Port Logarithm LV2 Convolution Mono LV2 Convolution Mono=>Stereo LV2 Convolution Stereo x42-comp - Dynamic Compressor Mono x42-comp - Dynamic Compressor Stereo x42-dpl - Digital Peak Limiter Mono x42-dpl - Digital Peak Limiter Stereo x42-Autotune x42-Autotune (microtonal) x42-eq - Parametric Equalizer Mono x42-eq - Parametric Equalizer Stereo General MIDI Synth Matrix Mixer 32x32 Matrix Mixer 8x8 MIDI Clock Generator BBC M-6 BBC Meter (Mono) BBC Meter (Stereo) Stereo Phase-Correlation Meter DIN Meter (Mono) DIN Meter (Stereo) EBU Meter (Mono) EBU R128 Meter EBU Meter (Stereo) K12/RMS Meter (Mono) K12/RMS Meter (Stereo) K14/RMS Meter (Mono) K14/RMS Meter (Stereo) K20/RMS Meter (Mono) K20/RMS Meter (Stereo) Nordic Meter (Mono) Nordic Meter (Stereo) Signal Distribution Histogram True-Peak and RMS Meter (Mono) True-Peak and RMS Meter (Stereo) VU Meter (Mono) VU Meter (Stereo) Bit Meter True-Peak Meter (Mono) True-Peak Meter (Stereo) DR-14 - Crest Factor Loudness Range Meter (Mono) DR-14 - Crest Factor Loudness Range Meter (Stereo) Stereo Phase Scope Phase/Frequency Wheel 1/3 Octave Spectrum Display Mono 1/3 Octave Spectrum Display Stereo Stereo/Frequency Scope Surround Level 3 Surround Level 4 Surround Level 5 Surround Level 8 MIDI Event Generator MIDI CC to Note MIDI Channel Filter MIDI Channel Map MIDI Choke MIDI Enforce Scale MIDI Event Filter MIDI Key-Range Filter MIDI Keysplit MIDI CC Map MIDI Note/Channel Map MIDI Note Transpose MIDI Chord MIDI Delayline MIDI Channel Unisono MIDI Strum MIDI Chromatic Transpose MIDI Monophonic Legato MIDI Remove Active Sensing MIDI Duplicate Blocker MIDI Note to CC MIDI Note Toggle MIDI N-Tap Delay MIDI Simple Channel Filter MIDI Thru MIDI Quantization MIDI Velocity Randomization MIDI Scale CC Value MIDI Sostenuto MIDI Velocity Gamma MIDI Velocity-Range Filter MIDI Velocity Adjust MIDI Generator Midi Event Map Mixer'n'Trigger No Delay Line Micro Delay Line Onset Trigger - Bassdrum Detection Mono Onset Trigger - Bassdrum Detection Stereo Simple Scope (3 channel) Simple Scope (4 channel) Simple Scope (Mono) Simple Scope (Stereo) Simple Scope CV (3 channel) Simple Scope CV (4 channel) Simple Scope CV (Mono) Simple Scope CV (Stereo) Spectr MIDI Step Sequencer16x8 MIDI Step Sequencer8x8 Stereo Routing Test Signal Generator x42 Instrument Tuner x42 Instrument Tuner[Spectrum] Stereo DJ X-Fade Geonkick Geonkick Single Signal Absolute Value AMS Analog Driver - 2 Outputs AMS Analog Driver - 4 Outputs AMS Analog Driver - 6 Outputs AMS Advanced Envelope AMS Amp Amplitude Modifier AMS Analog Memory AMS Bitgrinder Control to CV AMS CV Source CV to Control AMS Delay AMS Dynamic Waves 2 - 4 Osc AMS Dynamic Waves 2 - 6 Osc AMS Dynamic Waves 2 - 8 Osc AMS Dynamic Waves - 4 Osc AMS Dynamic Waves - 6 Osc AMS Dynamic Waves - 8 Osc AMS Envelope AMS FFT Vocoder Haas AMS Hysteresis Hz to VC AMS Inv AMS LFO AMS LFO2 - Freq AMS LFO2 - Tempo AMS Mixer 2 channels AMS Mixer 4 channels AMS Mixer 8 channels Moog LPF AMS Multiphase LFO AMS Noise2 AMS Percussive Envelope AMS Ring Modulator AMS Sample&Hold AMS Sequencer - 12 Steps AMS Sequencer - 16 Steps AMS Sequencer - 24 Steps AMS Sequencer - 32 Steps AMS Sequencer - 8 Steps AMS Slew Limiter AMS Stereo Mixer 2 channels AMS Stereo Mixer 4 channels AMS Stereo Mixer 8 channels Transport AMS VCA Exp AMS VCA Lin AMS VC Delay AMS VC Double Decay AMS VC Envelope AMS VC Envelope II AMS VCF AMS VCO2 AMS VCO3 AMS VC Organ 2 - 4 Osc AMS VC Organ 2 - 6 Osc AMS VC Organ 2 - 8 Osc AMS VC Organ - 4 Osc AMS VC Organ - 6 Osc AMS VC Organ - 8 Osc AMS VC Panning AMS VC Switch VC to Hz Beat Repeater - Mono Beat Repeater - Stereo Beat Slicer - Mono Beat Slicer - Stereo Downsampler - Mono Downsampler - Stereo Granulator - Mono Granulator - Stereo Midi AfterTouch (Channel Pressure) Midi Controller Midi Modwheel DrMr Sampler reMID XDarkTerror XTinyTerror GxAxisFace GxCreamMachine GxDOP250 GxHeathkit GxKnightFuzz GxMicroAmp GxSunFace GxTubeDistortion GxSVT GxBaJaTubeDriver GxBlueAmp GxBoobTube GxBottleRocket GxClubDrive GxEpic GxEternity GxGuvnor GxHotBox GxHyperion GxLiquidDrive GxLuna GxFz1b GxFz1s GxPlexi GxQuack GxSaturator GxSD1 GxSD2Lead GxSuperFuzz GxShakaTube GxSloopyBlue GxSlowGear GxSupersonic GxTimRay GxToneMachine GxUltraCab GxUVox720k GxValveCaster GxVintageFuzzMaster GxVMK2 GxVoodooFuzz GxVBassPreAmp GxSuppaToneBender Omnifono Invada Compressor (mono) Invada Compressor (stereo) Invada Delay Munge (mono in) Invada Delay Munge (sum L+R in) Invada Early Reflection Reverb (mono in) Invada Early Reflection Reverb (sum L+R in) Invada High Pass Filter (mono) Invada High Pass Filter (stereo) Invada Low Pass Filter (mono) Invada Low Pass Filter (stereo) Invada Input Module Invada Meter Invada Stereo Phaser (mono in) Invada Stereo Phaser (stereo in) Invada Stereo Phaser (sum L+R in) Invada Test Tones Invada Tube Distortion (mono) Invada Tube Distortion (stereo) Envolvigo (Mono) – Transient designer Envolvigo (Stereo) – Transient designer String machine chorus String machine stereo chorus String machine ssr IEEE Single Precision Noise (LV2) Integer Noise (LV2) Experiments in Representation (LV2) Continuous Risset Scales Bandpass Filter I Bandpass Filter I CV Bandpass Filter II Bandpass Filter II CV High Shelf Filter High Shelf Filter CV Highpass Filter Highpass Filter CV Low Shelf Filter Low Shelf Filter CV Lowpass Filter Lowpass Filter CV Notch Filter Notch Filter CV Peaking EQ Filter Peaking EQ Filter CV Resonant Lowpass Filter Resonant Lowpass Filter CV Syncrose Granular Synthesizer Noize Mak3r Tal-Vocoder-II Drumkits Percussion AirFont320 Black Pearl 4A Black Pearl 4B Black Pearl 5 Fluid Bass Fluid Brass Fluid Chromatic Percussion Fluid Drums Fluid Ensemble Fluid Ethnic FluidGM Fluid Guitars Fluid Organs Fluid Percussion Fluid Pianos Fluid Pipes Fluid Reeds Fluid SoundFX Fluid Strings Fluid SynthFX Fluid SynthLeads Fluid SynthPads Red Zeppelin 4 Red Zeppelin 5 Audio File Audio Gain (Mono) Audio Gain (Stereo) Big Meter Carla-Patchbay Carla-Patchbay (16chan) Carla-Patchbay (32chan) Carla-Patchbay (sidechain) Carla-Patchbay (64chan) Carla-Patchbay (CV) Carla-Rack LFO MIDI Channel A/B MIDI Channel Filter MIDI Channelize MIDI File MIDI Gain MIDI Join MIDI Pattern MIDI Split MIDI Transpose LinuxSampler Beep LSP Delay Compensator Mono LSP Delay Compensator Stereo LSP Delay Compensator x2 Stereo LSP Compressor LeftRight LSP Compressor Mono LSP Compressor MidSide LSP Compressor Stereo LSP Crossover LeftRight x8 LSP Crossover Mono x8 LSP Crossover MidSide x8 LSP Crossover Stereo x8 LSP Dynamic Processor LeftRight LSP Dynamic Processor Mono LSP Dynamic Processor MidSide LSP Dynamic Processor Stereo LSP Expander LeftRight LSP Expander Mono LSP Expander MidSide LSP Expander Stereo LSP Gate LeftRight LSP Gate Mono LSP Gate MidSide LSP Gate Stereo LSP Graphic Equalizer x16 LeftRight LSP Graphic Equalizer x16 Mono LSP Graphic Equalizer x16 MidSide LSP Graphic Equalizer x16 Stereo LSP Graphic Equalizer x32 LeftRight LSP Graphic Equalizer x32 Mono LSP Graphic Equalizer x32 MidSide LSP Graphic Equalizer x32 Stereo LSP Impulse Responses Mono LSP Impulse Responses Stereo LSP Impulse Reverb Mono LSP Impulse Reverb Stereo LSP Latency Meter LSP Limiter Mono LSP Limiter Stereo LSP Loudness Compensator Mono LSP Loudness Compensator Stereo LSP Multiband Compressor LeftRight x8 LSP Multiband Compressor Mono x8 LSP Multiband Compressor MidSide x8 LSP Multiband Compressor Stereo x8 LSP Multiband Expander LeftRight x8 LSP Multiband Expander Mono x8 LSP Multiband Expander MidSide x8 LSP Multiband Expander Stereo x8 LSP Multiband Gate LeftRight x8 LSP Multiband Gate Mono x8 LSP Multiband Gate MidSide x8 LSP Multiband Gate Stereo x8 LSP Multi-Sampler x12 Stereo LSP Multi-Sampler x12 DirectOut LSP Multi-Sampler x24 Stereo LSP Multi-Sampler x24 DirectOut LSP Multi-Sampler x48 Stereo LSP Multi-Sampler x48 DirectOut LSP Oscillator Mono LSP Parametric Equalizer x16 LeftRight LSP Parametric Equalizer x16 Mono LSP Parametric Equalizer x16 MidSide LSP Parametric Equalizer x16 Stereo LSP Parametric Equalizer x32 LeftRight LSP Parametric Equalizer x32 Mono LSP Parametric Equalizer x32 MidSide LSP Parametric Equalizer x32 Stereo LSP Phase Detector LSP Profiler Mono LSP Profiler Stereo LSP Room Builder Mono LSP Room Builder Stereo LSP Sampler Mono LSP Sampler Stereo LSP Sidechain Compressor LeftRight LSP Sidechain Compressor Mono LSP Sidechain Compressor MidSide LSP Sidechain Compressor Stereo LSP Sidechain Dynamic Processor LeftRight LSP Sidechain Dynamic Processor Mono LSP Sidechain Dynamic Processor MidSide LSP Sidechain Dynamic Processor Stereo LSP Sidechain Expander LeftRight LSP Sidechain Expander Mono LSP Sidechain Expander MidSide LSP Sidechain Expander Stereo LSP Sidechain Gate LeftRight LSP Sidechain Gate Mono LSP Sidechain Gate MidSide LSP Sidechain Gate Stereo LSP Sidechain Limiter Mono LSP Sidechain Limiter Stereo LSP Sidechain Multiband Compressor LeftRight x8 LSP Sidechain Multiband Compressor Mono x8 LSP Sidechain Multiband Compressor MidSide x8 LSP Sidechain Multiband Compressor Stereo x8 LSP Sidechain Multiband Expander LeftRight x8 LSP Sidechain Multiband Expander Mono x8 LSP Sidechain Multiband Expander MidSide x8 LSP Sidechain Multiband Expander Stereo x8 LSP Sidechain Multiband Gate LeftRight x8 LSP Sidechain Multiband Gate Mono x8 LSP Sidechain Multiband Gate MidSide x8 LSP Sidechain Multiband Gate Stereo x8 LSP Slapback Delay Mono LSP Slapback Delay Stereo LSP Spectrum Analyzer x1 LSP Spectrum Analyzer x12 LSP Spectrum Analyzer x16 LSP Spectrum Analyzer x2 LSP Spectrum Analyzer x4 LSP Spectrum Analyzer x8 LSP Surge Filter Mono LSP Surge Filter Stereo LSP Trigger MIDI Mono LSP Trigger MIDI Stereo LSP Trigger Mono LSP Trigger Stereo Simple Amplifier Example Fifths Example Metronome Example MIDI Gate Example Parameters Exampler Example Scope (Mono) Example Scope (Stereo) LVTK Silence LVTK Workhorse C* AmpVTS - Tube amp + Tone stack C* AutoFilter C* CEO - Chief Executive Oscillator C* CabinetIII - Idealised loudspeaker cabinet emulation C* CabinetIV - Idealised loudspeaker cabinet emulation C* ChorusI - Mono chorus/flanger C* Click - Metronome C* Compress - Mono compressor C* CompressX2 - Stereo compressor C* Eq10 - 10-band equalizer C* Eq10X2 - 10-band equalizer C* Eq4p - 4-band parametric equaliser C* EqFA4p - 4-band parametric shelving equalizer C* Fractal - Audio stream from deterministic chaos C* Narrower - Stereo image width reduction C* Noisegate - Attenuate noise resident in silence C* PhaserII - Mono phaser modulated by a Lorenz fractal C* Plate - Versatile plate reverb C* PlateX2 - Stereo in/out Versatile plate reverb C* Saturate C* Scape - Stereo delay + Filters C* Sin - Sine wave generator C* Spice C* SpiceX2 C* ToneStack - Tone stack emulation C* White - White noise generator C* Wider - Stereo image Synthesis BandPassFilter CrossOver 2 CrossOver 3 Gain Gain 2x2 HighPassFilter LowPassFilter MIDI SwitchBox MIDI SwitchBox4 Peak To CC SwitchTrigger4 ToggleSwitch AMS Envelope AMS LFO2 - Freq AMS VCA Exp AMS VCA Lin AMS VCF AMS VCO3 Logic Operators MIDI Inverted SwitchBox MIDI to CV mono MIDI to CV Poly MIDI SwitchBox3 Audio to CV CV ABS Attenuverter Booster CV Bi to Uni CV Changed CV Clock Clock Divider Control to CV CV Gate CV meter CV Parameter Modulation Random CV Generator CV Range Divider CV Round Slew Rate Limiter CV Switchbox 1-2 CV Switchbox 2-1 CV Switchbox 1-3 CV Switchbox 3-1 SooperLooper SooperLooper 2x2 TAP AutoPanner TAP Chorus/Flanger TAP DeEsser TAP Fractal Doubler TAP Mono Dynamics TAP Stereo Dynamics TAP Stereo Echo TAP Equalizer TAP Equalizer/BW TAP Scaling Limiter TAP Pink/Fractal Noise TAP Pitch Shifter TAP Reflector TAP Reverberator TAP Rotary Speaker TAP Sigmoid Booster TAP Tremolo TAP Tubewarmth TAP Vibrato Triceratops Eteroj (De)Cloak Eteroj IO Eteroj Ninja Eteroj (Un)Pack Eteroj Query Mephisto Audio 1x1 Mephisto Audio 2x2 Mephisto Audio 4x4 Mephisto Audio 8x8 Mephisto CV 1x1 Mephisto CV 2x2 Mephisto CV 4x4 Mephisto CV 8x8 MIDI Channel Matrix Multiplexer and Demultiplexer Monitors Audio Wave Mono Monitors Audio Wave Stereo Monitors MIDI Pianoroll Monitors Time Metronom Moony A1 x A1 Moony A2 x A2 Moony A4 x A4 Moony C1+A1 x C1+A1 Moony C1 x C1 Moony C2+A1 x C2+A1 Moony C2 x C2 Moony C4+A1 x C4+A1 Moony C4 x C4 Mystery Curve Sherlock Atom Inspector Sherlock MIDI Inspector Sherlock OSC Inspector Synthpod Control2CV Synthpod CV2Control Synthpod HeavyLoad Synthpod Keyboard Synthpod MIDI Splitter Synthpod Panic Synthpod Placeholder Synthpod Stereo VM Atom VM Audio VM Control VM CV VM MIDI padthv1 A-Law Compressor Aliasing Allpass delay line, cubic spline interpolation Allpass delay line, linear interpolation Allpass delay line, noninterpolating AM pitchshifter Simple amplifier Analogue Oscillator Artificial latency Auto phaser Glame Bandpass Analog Filter Glame Bandpass Filter Bode frequency shifter Bode frequency shifter (CV) GLAME Butterworth Highpass GLAME Butterworth Lowpass Glame Butterworth X-over Filter Chebyshev distortion Comb Filter Comb Splitter Comb delay line, cubic spline interpolation Comb delay line, linear interpolation Comb delay line, noninterpolating Constant Signal Generator Crossover distortion DC Offset Remover Exponential signal decay Decimator Declipper Simple delay line, cubic spline interpolation Simple delay line, linear interpolation Simple delay line, noninterpolating Delayorama Diode Processor Audio Divider (Suboctave Generator) DJ flanger DJ EQ DJ EQ (mono) Dyson compressor Fractionally Addressed Delay Line Fast Lookahead limiter Flanger FM Oscillator Foldover distortion 4 x 4 pole allpass Fast overdrive Frequency tracker Gate Giant flange Gong model Gong beater GVerb Hard Limiter Harmonic generator Hermes Filter Glame Highpass Filter Hilbert transformer Non-bandlimited single-sample impulses Inverter Karaoke L/C/R Delay LFO Phaser Lookahead limiter Lookahead limiter (fixed latency) Glame Lowpass Filter LS Filter Matrix: MS to Stereo Matrix Spatialiser Matrix: Stereo to MS Multiband EQ Modulatable delay Multivoice Chorus Offset, sample-based Higher Quality Pitch Scaler Plate reverb Pointer cast distortion Rate shifter Retro Flanger Reverse Delay (5s max) Ringmod with LFO Ringmod with two inputs Barry's Satan Maximiser SC1 SC2 SC3 SC4 SE4 Wave shaper Signal sifter Sine + cosine oscillator Single band parametric Sinus wavewrapper Smooth Decimator Mono to Stereo splitter Surround matrix encoder State Variable Filter Tape Delay Simulation Transient mangler Triple band parametric with shelves μ-Law Compressor Valve saturation Valve rectifier VyNil (Vinyl Effect) Wave Terrain Oscillator Crossfade Crossfade (4 outs) z-1
http://plujain/plugins/ramp Plujain-Ramp
http://plujain/plugins/ramp_live Plujain-Ramp Live abs VCA difference max min product ratio sum tempo_ratio toggle quantizer chorus chorus_ext flanger flanger_ext harm_trem harm_trem_ext 16 Step Sequencer 16 Step Sequencer BPM vibrato vibrato_ext rkr Arpie rkr Coil Crafter rkr CompBand rkr DistBand rkr Dual Flange rkr Echotron rkr Echoverse rkr Exciter rkr Expander rkr Infinity rkr MuTroMojo rkr OpticalTrem rkr Reverbtron rkr Ring rkr Sequence rkr Shelf Boost rkr Shifter rkr Shuffle rkr StereoHarmonizer (no midi) rkr StompBox rkr StompBox:Fuzz rkr Sustainer rkr Synthfilter rkr Valve rkr VaryBand rkr Vibe rkr Vocoder rkr Analog Phaser rkr AlienWah rkr Cabinet rkr Flanger/Chorus rkr Compressor rkr Musical Delay rkr Derelict rkr Distorsion rkr Echo rkr EQ rkr Parametric EQ rkr NoiseGate rkr Harmonizer (no midi) rkr Pan rkr Phaser rkr Reverb rkr WahWah samplv1 sfizz liquidsfz SpectMorph the infamous bent delay the infamous cellular automaton synth the infamous cheap distortion the infamous envelope follower the infamous envelope follower (CV) the infamous ewham the infamous Hip2B the infamous lush life the infamous mindi the infamous octolo the infamous power cut the infamous power up the infamous stuck the infamous stuck stacker Studio Link synthv1 IR Wolpertinger Helm Vital dRowAudio: Distortion dRowAudio: Distortion Shaper dRowAudio: Flanger dRowAudio: Reverb dRowAudio Tremolo LUFS Meter LUFS Meter (Multichannel) Amplitude Imposer Cycle Shifter Soul Force Bitta Della Ducka Filta Kuiza Masha Panda Roomy Satma Vihda Whaaa Fabla Sorcer Newtonator (Instr.) Yoshimi Yoshimi-Multi ZynAddSubFX ZynAlienWah ZynChorus ZynDistortion ZynDynamicFilter ZynEcho ZynPhaser ZynReverb JuceOPL Diode Ladder LPF Korg 25 HPF Korg 25 LPF Moog Half Ladder LPF Moog Ladder LPF MIDI CC Recorder MIDI PB to CC MIDI Sys Filter Luftikus fourSourcesToOcto kpp_bluedream kpp_deadgate kpp_distruction kpp_fuzz kpp_octaver kpp_single2humbucker kpp_tubeAmp QMidiArp Arp QMidiArp LFO QMidiArp Seq KlangFalter Dexed MelMatchEQ Xmonk MonoRecord StereoRecord CHOWTapeModel ADLplug OPNplug HiReSam ambix_binaural_o5 ambix_converter_o5 ambix_decoder_o5 ambix_directional_loudness_o5 ambix_encoder_o5 ambix_encoder_i2_o5 ambix_encoder_i4_o5 ambix_encoder_i6_o5 ambix_encoder_i8_o5 ambix_maxre_o5 ambix_mirror_o5 ambix_rotator_o5 ambix_rotator_z_o5 ambix_vmic_o5 ambix_warp_o5 ambix_widening_o5 StereoSourceSeparation Fogpad Regrader 1bitstudio - bitdrive 1bitstudio - clickydrums 1bitstudio - noisedrums ChipDrum ChipWave CrushDMC EVALUA Flopster ReFine Noise repellent Speech Denoiser MIDI-Trigger Dragonfly Hall Reverb Wolf Shaper Wolf Spectrum NanoInvaders Ninjas 2 CV_3PoleLP CV_AudioToCv CV_CvToAudio CV_DelayLP3 CV_DoubleFilter CV_ExpADSREnvelope CV_ExpLoopEnvelope CV_ExpPolyADEnvelope CV_Gate16 CV_HoldFilter CV_Invert CV_LinearADSREnvelope CV_LinearMap CV_LongAllpass CV_Multiply CV_NaiveDelay CV_NestedLongAllpass CV_PController CV_PTRSaw CV_PTRTrapezoid CV_ParabolicADEnvelope CV_PolyLoopEnvelope CV_PolyLoopEnvelope2 CV_PolyLoopEnvelope4 CV_RampFilter CV_RateLimiter CV_Sin CV_StereoGain CV_TimeInfo CollidingCombSynth CubicPadSynth EnvelopedSine EsPhaser FDNCymbal FoldShaper IterativeSinCluster L3Reverb L4Reverb LatticeReverb LightPadSynth ModuloShaper OddPowShaper SevenDelay SoftClipper SyncSawSynth TrapezoidSynth WaveCymbal Tamgamp TamgampGX The Fades Gods Cab The Splits The Vibey Vintage Mics VoPa Mono VoPa Stereo Spectacle Obxd Channel Intersection Channel Symmetric Difference 2.0 -> 3.0 Upmix B.Choppr B.Harvestr B.Jumblr B.SEQuencer B.Schaffl B.Shapr B.Shapr (CV) B.Slizr Odin2 ZChordz ZCompressorSP ZLFO ZLimiterSP ZPhaserSP ZPitchSP ZSaw ZSuperSaw ZVerbSP
urn:50m30n3:plugins:SO-404 SO-404 Bass Synthesizer
urn:50m30n3:plugins:SO-666 SO-666 Feedback Synthesizer
urn:50m30n3:plugins:SO-kl5 SO-kl5 Piano Synthesizer
urn:St3pan0va.plugins.kn0ck0ut.1.1 Kn0ck0ut Vocal Remover
urn:distrho:a-comp DIE Compressor
urn:distrho:a-comp#stereo DIE Compressor (stereo)
urn:distrho:a-delay DIE Delay
urn:distrho:a-eq DIE EQ
urn:distrho:a-exp DIE Expander
urn:distrho:a-exp#stereo DIE Expander (stereo)
urn:distrho:a-fluidsynth DIE Fluid Synth
urn:distrho:a-reverb DIE Reverb
urn:dragonfly:early Dragonfly Early Reflections
urn:dragonfly:plate Dragonfly Plate Reverb
urn:dragonfly:room Dragonfly Room Reverb
urn:juce:JuceDemoPlugin Juce Demo Plugin
urn:juce:TalDub3 Tal-Dub-3
urn:juce:TalFilter Tal-Filter
urn:juce:TalFilter2 Tal-Filter-2
urn:juce:TalReverb Tal-Reverb
urn:juce:TalReverb2 Tal-Reverb-II
urn:juce:TalReverb3 Tal-Reverb-III
urn:juce:Vex Vex
urn:juced:DrumSynth DrumSynth
urn:juced:EQinox EQinox
urn:zamaudio:ZaMaximX2 ZaMaximX2
urn:zamaudio:ZaMultiComp ZaMultiComp
urn:zamaudio:ZaMultiCompX2 ZaMultiCompX2
urn:zamaudio:ZamAutoSat ZamAutoSat
urn:zamaudio:ZamComp ZamComp
urn:zamaudio:ZamCompX2 ZamCompX2
urn:zamaudio:ZamDelay ZamDelay
urn:zamaudio:ZamDynamicEQ ZamDynamicEQ
urn:zamaudio:ZamEQ2 ZamEQ2
urn:zamaudio:ZamGEQ31 ZamGEQ31
urn:zamaudio:ZamGate ZamGate
urn:zamaudio:ZamGateX2 ZamGateX2
urn:zamaudio:ZamGrains ZamGrains
urn:zamaudio:ZamHeadX2 ZamHeadX2
urn:zamaudio:ZamPhono ZamPhono
urn:zamaudio:ZamTube ZamTube
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