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watchkit command line builds
import plistlib
# Read Plists
myAppInfoPlist = plistlib.readPlist(“MyApp/Info.plist”)
watchKitExtensionInfoPlist = plistlib.readPlist(“WatchKitExtension/Info.plist”)
watchKitAppInfoPlist = plistlib.readPlist(“WatchKitApp/Info.plist”)
# Update Watch Kit Extension Plist
watchKitExtensionInfoPlist[“NSExtension”][“NSExtensionAttributes”][“WKAppBundleIdentifier”] = watchKitAppInfoPlist[“CFBundleIdentifier”]
watchKitExtensionInfoPlist[“CFBundleVersion”] = myAppInfoPlist[“CFBundleVersion”]
WatchKitExtensionInfoPlist[“CFBundleShortVersionString”] = myAppInfoPlist[“CFBundleShortVersionString”]
# Update Watch Kit App Plist
watchKitAppInfoPlist[“WKCompanionAppBundleIdentifier”] = myAppInfoPlist[“CFBundleIdentifier”]
watchKitAppInfoPlist[“CFBundleVersion”] = myAppInfoPlist[“CFBundleVersion”]
watchKitAppInfoPlist[“CFBundleShortVersionString”] = myAppInfoPlist[“CFBundleShortVersionString”]
# Save the Plists
plistlib.writePlist(myAppInfoPlist, “MyApp/Info.plist”)
plistlib.writePlist(watchKitExtensionInfoPlist, “WatchKitExtension/Info.plist”)
plistlib.writePlist(watchKitAppInfoPlist, “WatchKitApp/Info.plist”)
xcrun xcodebuild -sdk iphoneos -config "Release"
cp watchkitapp.mobileprovision
cp watchkitextension.mobileprovision
cp myapp.mobileprovision
xcrun codesign -d --entitlements :- 2>/dev/null > watchkitapp.xcent
xcrun codesign -d --entitlements :- 2>/dev/null > watchkitextension.xcent
xcrun codesign -d --entitlements :- 2>/dev/null > myapp.xcent
# Order is important!!
# WatchKit App
rm -rf
xcrun codesign -f -s "Certificate Name" -- entitlements watchkitapp.xcent
# WatchKit Extension
rm -rf
xcrun codesign -f -s "Certificate Name" -- entitlements watchkitextension.xcent
# Main App
rm -rf
xcrun codesign -f -s "Certificate Name" -- entitlements myapp.xcent
xcrun -sdk iphoneos PackageApplication -o MyApp.ipa
# Extract the contents of the ipa
unzip MyApp.ipa
# Include WatchKitSupport
mkdir WatchKitSupport
cp "/Applications/\ Support/WatchKit/WK" WatchKitSupport/WK
# Repackage
zip -qr MyAppWithWatchKit.ipa Payload WatchKitSupport
from utils.packager import Packager
def package():
ipa = Packager("MyAppWithWatchKit.ipa")
ipa.add("/Applications/\ Support/WatchKit/WK", "WatchKitSupport/WK")

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AliAyasrah commented May 20, 2015

thanks for the that .

i tried to do that but i cant find "WatchKitExtension.appex" inside "" folder

please i need help about that


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Owner Author

ghost commented Jun 27, 2015

its under the Plugins folder

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