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@mxstbr mxstbr/Component.js
Last active Jun 18, 2019

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styled-components ❤ tachyons
// There's two ways to use Tachyons together with styled-components
// Both are valid, which one you use depends if you want to always apply a tachyons class when a certain component
// is rendered or if you want to apply it for specific instances.
// 1. Use .attrs to define classNames that should always be applied to a styled component
// Whenever you use <Component /> now it'll have both the styled-components as well as the Tachyons class
// See the docs for more info:
const Component = styled.div.attrs({
className: 'bw0-l',
color: blue;
<Component /> // has bw0-1 class applied!
// 2. Use the Tachyons className in the JSX
// styled-components doesn't force you to not use any classes so this works like with any other component
const Component = styled.div`
color: blue;
// Add the Tachyons class when you render the component
<Component className="bw0-1" />

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p0k8h commented Feb 16, 2018

Hey, I created two separate files. a component and a style file


import React, { Component } from "react";
import { Article, Image, Main, Title, P } from "../../styledComponents";

class Home extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
          <div className="tc">
              title="Photo of a kitty staring at you"
              Parwat Kunwar
            <Title>Dayahang rai</Title>
          <P>k cha ho maiya</P>

export default Home;


import styled from "styled-components";

export const Main = styled.main.attrs({
  className: "center w-50 sans-serif"

export const Article = styled.article.attrs({
  className: "w-100 bb b--black-05 pb2 mt2 flex items-center justify-between"

export const Image = styled.img.attrs({
  className: "ba b--black-10 db br-100 w2 w3-ns h2 h3-ns mr2"

export const Title = styled.title.attrs({
  className: "f6 f5-ns fw6 lh-title black mv0"

export const P = styled.p.attrs({
  className: "lh-copy measure center f6 black-70"

But nothing is rendered and an error is thrown instead! Any Help


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JikkuJose commented Feb 22, 2018

You need to add an empty string literal at the end of the function like so:

export const Main = styled.main.attrs({
  className: "center w-50 sans-serif"
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