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edx notes api setup
  1. Goto https://<your-lms-url>/admin. On the admin page, go to "Oath2" and click "Add" by "Clients". Fill out the following fields.
Item Value
User <leave blank>
Name edx-notes
Url https://<your-notesserver-url>
Redirect uri https://<your-notesserver-url>/complete/edx-oidc/
Client id <generated>
Client secret <generated>
Client type Confidential (web application)
  1. Create a file with any name to any location you like. E.g. ~/custom.yml
EDX_NOTES_API_ELASTICSEARCH_URL: <e.g. localhost:9200>
  - localhost
  - <hostname part of your LMS URL>
EDXAPP_EDXNOTES_PUBLIC_API: https://<public-noteserver-url>/api/v1
EDXAPP_EDXNOTES_INTERNAL_API: http://localhost:8120/api/v1

  1. Enter virtual env

source /edx/app/edx_ansible/venvs/edx_ansible/bin/activate

  1. Create DB users
cd /edx/app/edx_ansible/edx_ansible/playbooks

For database hosted on the same machine:

ansible-playbook -i 'localhost,' -c local ./run_role.yml -e 'role=edxlocal' -e@roles/edx_notes_api/defaults/main.yml -e@<your custom yml like ~/custom.yml>

For remote database it's different. E.g., in FFI we use:

ansible-playbook -i 'database,' ./run_role.yml -e 'role=edxlocal_dbserver' -e@roles/edx_notes_api/defaults/main.yml -e@~/custom.yml
  1. Install the edx-notes-api using ansible
cd /edx/app/edx_ansible/edx_ansible/playbooks/edx-east
ansible-playbook -i 'localhost,' -c local ./notes.yml -e@<your custom yml like ~/custom.yml>

When the installation has completed verify that the notes api is healthy by running

sudo /edx/bin/supervisorctl status edx_notes_api

  1. Double-check settings

In some cases you need to manually edit settings. Change or add if not found.

In both /edx/app/edxapp/lms.env.json and /edx/app/edxapp/cms.env.json. Check following values:

    "FEATURES": {
        "ENABLE_EDXNOTES": true,

And only in lms.env.json check:

    "EDXNOTES_INTERNAL_API": "http://localhost:8120/api/v1",
    "EDXNOTES_PUBLIC_API": "https://<public-noteserver-url>/api/v1",
  1. Run Migrations
export EDXNOTES_CONFIG_ROOT=/edx/etc/
export DB_MIGRATION_USER=<migration_username>
export DB_MIGRATION_PASS=<migration_password>
/edx/bin/python.edx_notes_api /edx/bin/manage.edx_notes_api migrate --settings="notesserver.settings.yaml_config"
  1. On a production server, you may want to change the hostnames related setting for Nginx. If you do, also remember to add allowed host in /edx/etc/edx_notes_api.yml

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cequn commented Aug 31, 2018

thanks for your work!


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adrianrocamora commented Mar 25, 2019

Thank you!

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