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(defun pdf-annot-markups-as-org-text (pdfpath &optional title level)
"Acquire highlight annotations as text"
(interactive "fPath to PDF: ")
(let* ((outputstring "") ;; the text to be return
(title (or title (replace-regexp-in-string "-" " " (file-name-base pdfpath ))))
(level (or level (1+ (org-current-level)))) ;; I guess if we're not in an org-buffer this will fail
(levelstring (make-string level ?*))
(pdf-image-buffer (get-buffer-create "*temp pdf image*"))
(with-temp-buffer ;; use temp buffer to avoid opening zillions of pdf buffers
(insert-file-contents pdfpath)
(pdf-annot-minor-mode t)
(ignore-errors (pdf-outline-noselect (current-buffer)))
(setq outputstring (concat levelstring " Annotations from " title "\n\n")) ;; create heading
(let* ((annots (sort (pdf-annot-getannots nil (list 'square 'highlight) nil)
(last-outline-page -1))
(lambda (annot) ;; traverse all annotations
(message "%s" annot)
(let* ((page (assoc-default 'page annot))
(height (nth 1 (assoc-default 'edges annot)))
(type (assoc-default 'type annot))
(id (symbol-name (assoc-default 'id annot)))
(text (pdf-info-gettext page (assoc-default 'edges annot)))
(imagefile (concat id ".png"))
(region (assoc-default 'edges annot))
;; use pdfview link directly to page number
(linktext (concat "[[pdfview:" pdfpath "::" (number-to-string page)
"++" (number-to-string height) "][" title "]]" ))
;; The default export is for highlight annotations
(annotation-as-org (concat text "\n(" linktext ", " (number-to-string page) ")\n\n"))
;; Square annotations are written to images and displayed inline
(when (eq type 'square)
(pdf-view-extract-region-image (list region) page (cons 1000 1000) pdf-image-buffer)
(with-current-buffer pdf-image-buffer
(write-file imagefile))
(setq annotation-as-org (concat "[[file:" imagefile "]]" "\n\n(" linktext ", " (number-to-string page) ")\n\n")))
;; Insert outline heading if not already inserted
(let* ((outline-info (ignore-errors
(with-current-buffer (pdf-outline-buffer-name)
(pdf-outline-move-to-page page)
(outline-page (when outline-info (number-to-string (assoc-default 'page outline-info)))))
(when outline-info
(unless (equal last-outline-page outline-page)
(setq outputstring (concat outputstring
(make-string (+ level (assoc-default 'depth outline-info)) ?*)
" "
(assoc-default 'title outline-info)
", "
(setq last-outline-page outline-page))))
(setq outputstring (concat outputstring annotation-as-org)))
(insert outputstring)

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myrjola commented Nov 22, 2015

Code is based on politza/pdf-tools#133.


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cryoguy commented Mar 14, 2016

I love the idea of using outline as heading and extracting images. This code does not work with PDF with not outline, right?


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