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myself379 / Installing Arch on a ThinkPad X1 A detailed overview of how I installed Arch Linux on my Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme, having never installed Arch before.
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I am not responsible for any damages, loss of data, system corruption, or any other mishap you may somehow cause by following this guide.

This is mainly a step-by-step reminder/log for myself of how I installed Arch on my laptop. I am putting this out there in case it is useful for someone else, it is not intended to be an official guide. As a result, you may find that this guide is very tedious or lists a lot of unnecessary/intuitive steps or just straight up does things in a way that is considered bad practice. Apart from the latter, this is intentional, as I did not find these steps intuitive at all when

myself379 /
Created Sep 6, 2019 — forked from davydany/
IP Tables (iptables) Cheat Sheet

IP Tables (iptables) Cheat Sheet

IPTables is the Firewall service that is available in a lot of different Linux Distributions. While modifiying it might seem daunting at first, this Cheat Sheet should be able to show you just how easy it is to use and how quickly you can be on your way mucking around with your firewall.


The following list is a great set of documentation for iptables. I used them to compile this documentation.

myself379 / Terminal.sublime-settings
Created Aug 5, 2019
Sublime Text 3 Terminal cmder Windows 10
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// The command to execute for the terminal, leave blank for the OS default
// See for examples
"terminal": "C:\\ProgramData\\cmder\\Cmder.exe",
// A list of default parameters to pass to the terminal, this can be
// overridden by passing the "parameters" key with a list value to the args
// dict when calling the "open_terminal" or "open_terminal_project_folder"
// commands
"parameters": ["/START", "%CWD%"],
myself379 / store-config.js
Created Mar 15, 2019 — forked from jperelli/store-config.js
Reactotron + redux + react-native configuration
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import Reactotron from 'reactotron-react-native'
import { reactotronRedux } from 'reactotron-redux'
var store;
if (__DEV__) {
.configure({ name: 'VTX-sharepoint' })
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View all_zones.php
function ibenic_get_all_zones() {
if( class_exists( 'WC_Shipping_Zones' ) ) {
$all_zones = WC_Shipping_Zones::get_zones();
return $all_zones;
return false;
myself379 / cleanPhotoscrMalware.php
Created Nov 27, 2018
Somehow hardening for FTP is difficult, FileZilla FTP Server is not harden well enough and prone to bot injecting Photo.scr for bitcoin mining. This is the way to remove the iframe code
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* Run it as root/administrator, just php cleanPhotoscrMalware.php
* Clean to target the stupid Photo.scr miner, for it to work, note that its searching for CRLF
* The real infectious code look like this as below:
* <iframe src=Photo.scr width=1 height=1 frameborder=0>
* <\/iframe>
myself379 / openssl.MD
Created Oct 22, 2018 — forked from jchandra74/openssl.MD
HOWTO: Create Your Own Self-Signed Certificate with Subject Alternative Names Using OpenSSL in Ubuntu Bash for Window
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HOWTO: Create Your Own Self-Signed Certificate with Subject Alternative Names Using OpenSSL in Ubuntu Bash for Window


My main development workstation is a Windows 10 machine, so we'll approach this from that viewpoint.

Recently, Google Chrome started giving me a warning when I open a site that uses https and self-signed certificate on my local development machine due to some SSL certificate issues like the one below:

Self-Signed SSL Issue in Chrome

myself379 / PowerShell
Created Oct 22, 2018 — forked from jchandra74/PowerShell
PowerShell, Cmder / ConEmu, Posh-Git, Oh-My-Posh, Powerline Customization
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Pimping Up Your PowerShell & Cmder with Posh-Git, Oh-My-Posh, & Powerline Fonts

Backstory (TLDR)

I work as a full-stack developer at work. We are a Windows & Azure shop, so we are using Windows as our development platform, hence this customization.

For my console needs, I am using Cmder which is based on ConEmu with PowerShell as my shell of choice.

Yes, yes, I know nowadays you can use the Linux subsystem on Windows 10 which allow you to run Ubuntu on Windows. If you are looking for customization of the Ubuntu bash shell, check out this article by Scott Hanselman.