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11 Ways to Invoke a Function
(_ => console.log(2))();
eval('console.log(3);');, 4);
console.log.apply(null, [5]);
new Function('console.log(6)')();
Reflect.apply(console.log, null, [7])
Reflect.construct(function(){console.log(8)}, []);, null, [9]);, null, 10);
new (require('vm').Script)('console.log(11)').runInThisContext();
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crisdosyago commented Jun 19, 2017

I'm a fan of this one:

(class { [console.log(1)](){} })
(function z( a = console.log(1) ){})()
[...{[Symbol.iterator](){return {next(){ return {done:console.log(1)}}}}}]; // hehe
try{[1,2,3][~~(Math.random()*4)].toString()}catch(e){console.log(12)}; // nondeterministically run console.log 

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