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MySQL Document Store with PHP Tutorial for Sunshine PHP 2019
Welcome! This is not a hands on tutorial as it usually takes an hour to get MySQL installed on all the flvaors and variations of
laptop operating systems, a modern version of PHP, getting all on a recent version of MySQL, and what ever esle is needed. Even trying to
cram all that is needed in a VirtualBox or similar environment takes ages and we only have three hours.
If you want to follow along on your laptop, before the tutorial install
1) MySQL 8.0.13 or later (
2) PHP 7.2 or later
3) The new MySQL Shell (
4) The PECL Extension for MySQL X DevAPI (
--> You do not have to do the above for the tutorial but if you feel ADVENTUREOUS please proceed
Code can be found at
Slides can be found at starting on the day of the tutorial
There will be a handout covering the material that will also be found with the code
And let me know if there are particular items of interest that you may have on the MySQL Document Store or
the X DevAPI and I will try to accomidate you.
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