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T Zhu myster-t

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shiki / beanstalkd
Created Aug 9, 2010
For CentOS, a modified /etc/init.d/beanstlkd file which creates a pid file in /var/run/
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# beanstalkd - a simple, fast workqueue service
# chkconfig: - 57 47
# description: a simple, fast workqueue service
# processname: beanstalkd
# config: /etc/sysconfig/beanstalkd
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dispatch_block_t RecursiveBlock(void (^block)(dispatch_block_t recurse))
// assuming ARC, so no explicit copy
return ^{ block(RecursiveBlock(block)); };
typedef void (^OneParameterBlock)(id parameter);
OneParameterBlock RecursiveBlock1(void (^block)(OneParameterBlock recurse, id parameter))
phughes /
Last active Dec 10, 2015
An Xcode precompilation script to turn your images into auto-completeable, type-checkable symbols.
import os.path as path
import string
import argparse
import glob
import re
def basename(filename):
base = filename
if filename.find('@2x') > 0:
base = filename[:filename.find('@2x')]
stormchasing / Auto Check-In to Southwest Flights.user.js
Last active Jun 25, 2020
Auto Check-In to Southwest Flights.user.js
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// ==UserScript==
// @name Auto Check-In to Southwest Flights
// @namespace
// @version 1.8
// @author Nicholas Buroojy (
// @contributor Ryan Izzo (
// @contributor JR Hehnly ( @stormchasing)
// @contributor Trevor McClellan (
// @description Automatically check in to Southwest Airline flights at the appropriate time.
// @include*
RobertoSchneiders /
Last active Apr 27, 2020
IAM Policy for deploy on Elastic Beanstalk

I am deploying with this IAM using Codeship and Circle CI to Elastic Beanstalk. I had a lot of trouble with this config. I talked to the aws support for about 6 hours until this worked properly, so, I guess it is worth to share.

UPDATE: In the end, I have to use the AWSElasticBeanstalkFullAccess policy. My custom policy keep breaking every week with some new added permission or some EB internal change. Anyway, the IAM I was using is below.

This works for me with CircleCI and EB Cli.

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
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Elastic Load Balancer, CloudFront and Let's Encrypt
erikig / common-domain-prefix-suffix-list.tsv
Last active Jul 4, 2020
Top 5000 Most Common Domain Prefix/Suffix List - Courtesy LeanDomainSearch -
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Rank Type Prefix/Suffix
1. Prefix my+
2. Suffix +online
3. Prefix the+
4. Suffix +web
5. Suffix +media
6. Prefix web+
7. Suffix +world
8. Suffix +net
9. Prefix go+
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