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Last active October 23, 2022 23:41
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Cloudflare Warp on Linux Fedora
Basically, to make it work and have it resolve DNS queries, you need to disable systemd-resolved as it monopolizes the /etc/resolv.conf file, more about this process here
sudo systemctl disable systemd-resolved
sudo systemctl stop systemd-resolved
sudo bash -c 'mkdir -p /etc/systemd/system-preset && echo "disable systemd-resolved.service" >/etc/systemd/system-preset/20-systemd-resolved-disable.preset'
Then reboot, and don't worry it is normal that you do not have internet at that point. We need to delete an old symlink left over from systemd-resolved operations.
rm /etc/resolv.conf
Then finally
sudo vim /etc/resolv.conf
And paste in:
nameserver 2606:4700:4700::1111
nameserver 2606:4700:4700::1001
Then save and exit, internet will come back, and you will have a working Warp client. Enjoy!
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