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Last active Dec 18, 2020
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Scripts related to integration of K3s Cluster on Azure VM and Azure Arc
#Install Helm
curl | bash
#Install Azure CLI
curl -sL | sudo bash
#Azure Login via CLI
az login
#Azure Resource Group Creation
#Azure Arc is available only on eastus,westeurope,westcentralus
az group create -l eastus -n <ResourceGroupName>
#Add Azure extensions related to kubernetes
az extension add --name connectedk8s
az extension add --name k8sconfiguration
#Register Azure Providers for Kubernetes Configuration
az provider register --namespace Microsoft.Kubernetes
az provider register --namespace Microsoft.KubernetesConfiguration
#Check whether Azure providers has been installed. Will take approx 10 mins to register
az provider show -n Microsoft.Kubernetes -o table
az provider show -n Microsoft.KubernetesConfiguration -o table
#Create Azure Arc Resource and connect it
az connectedk8s connect --name <AzureArcName> --resource-group <ResourceGroupName> -l eastus
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