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Created December 30, 2014 03:15
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Org-Notify API functions (org-notify.el)

org-notify notification &optional play-sound

Send a notification and maybe play-sound.

org-notify-action-ding plist

Make noise.

org-notify-action-email plist

Send email to user.

org-notify-action-message plist

Print a message.

org-notify-action-notify plist

Pop up a notification window.

org-notify-action-notify/window plist

For a graphics display, pop up a notification window, for a text terminal an emacs window.

org-notify-action-window plist

Pop up a window, mostly copied from appt-disp-window.

org-notify-add name &rest params

Add a new notification type. The name can be used in Org-mode property notify. If name is default, the notification type applies for todo items without the notify property. This file predefines such a default notification type.

Each element of params is a list with parameters for a given time distance to the deadline. This distance must increase from one element to the next. List of possible parameters:

:time      Time distance to deadline, when this type of notification shall
           start. It's a string: an integral value (positive or negative)
           followed by a unit (s, m, h, d, w, M).
:actions   A function or a list of functions to be called to notify the
           user. Instead of a function name, you can also supply a suffix
           of one of the various predefined `org-notify-action-xxx'
:period    Optional: can be used to repeat the actions periodically. Same
           format as :time.
:duration  Some actions use this parameter to specify the duration of the
           notification. It's an integral number in seconds.
:audible   Overwrite the value of `org-notify-audible' for this action.

For the actions, you can use your own functions or some of the predefined ones, whose names are prefixed with org-notify-action-.

org-notify-body-text plist

Make human readable string for remaining time to deadline.

org-notify-delete-window buffer

Delete the notification window.

org-notify-make-todo heading &rest ignored

Create one todo item.

org-notify-maybe-too-late diff period heading

Print waring message, when notified significantly later than defined by period.

org-notify-on-action plist key

User wants to see action.

org-notify-on-action-button button

User wants to see action after button activation.

org-notify-on-action-notify id key

User wants to see action after mouse-click in notify window.

org-notify-on-close id reason

Notification window has been closed.


Process the todo-list, and possibly notify user about upcoming or forgotten tasks.


Select the highest window on the frame, that is not is not an org-notify window. Mostly copied from appt-select-lowest-window.

org-notify-start &optional secs

Start the notification daemon. If secs is positive, it’s the period in seconds for processing the notifications of one org-agenda file, and if negative, notifications will be checked only when emacs is idle for -=secs= seconds. The default value for secs is 20.


Stop the notification daemon.

org-notify-string->seconds str

Convert time string str to number of seconds.


Create the todo-list for one org-agenda file.

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