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;; ess-R-object-popup.el
;; I have defined a function, ess-R-object-popup, that when
;; invoked, will return a popup with some information about
;; the object at point. The information returned is
;; determined by which R function is called. This is controlled
;; by an alist, called ess-R-object-popup-alist. The default is
;; given below. The keys are the classes of R object that will
;; use the associated function. For example, when the function
;; is called while point is on a factor object, a table of that
;; factor will be shown in the popup. The objects must of course
;; exist in the associated inferior R process for this to work.
;; The special key "other" in the alist defines which function
;; to call when the class is not mached in the alist. By default,
;; the str function is called, which is actually a fairly useful
;; default for data.frame and function objects.
;; The last line of this file shows my default keybinding.
;; I simply save this file in a directory in my load-path
;; and then place (require 'ess-R-object-popup) in my .emacs
;; the alist
(setq ess-R-object-popup-alist
'((numeric . "summary")
(factor . "table")
(integer . "summary")
(lm . "summary")
(other . "str")))
(defun ess-R-object-popup ()
"Get info for object at point, and display it in a popup."
(let ((objname (current-word))
(curbuf (current-buffer))
(tmpbuf (get-buffer-create "**ess-R-object-popup**")))
(if objname
(ess-command (concat "class(" objname ")\n") tmpbuf )
(set-buffer tmpbuf)
(let ((bs (buffer-string)))
(if (not(string-match "\(object .* not found\)\|unexpected" bs))
(let* ((objcls (buffer-substring
(+ 2 (string-match "\".*\"" bs))
(- (point-max) 2)))
(myfun (cdr(assoc-string objcls
(if (eq myfun nil)
(setq myfun
(cdr(assoc-string "other"
(if (string= myfun "str")
(ess-command (concat myfun "(" objname ")\n") tmpbuf)
(ess-command (concat myfun "(" objname ");" "str(" objname ")\n" ) tmpbuf))
(let ((bs (buffer-string)))
(set-buffer curbuf)
(popup-tip bs)))))))))
(kill-buffer tmpbuf)))
;; my default key map
(define-key ess-mode-map "\C-c\C-g" 'ess-R-object-popup)
(provide 'ess-R-object-popup)
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