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how to cleanly uninstall python packages installed with python
# Next time you need to install something with python -- which should be never but things happen.
python install --record files.txt
# This will cause all the installed files to be printed to that directory.
# Then when you want to uninstall it simply run; be careful with the 'sudo'
cat files.txt | xargs sudo rm -rf
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LukeAllen commented Mar 20, 2017

Pip can usually uninstall a package that was installed with sudo pip uninstall the-package-name

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josephjoice commented Oct 18, 2017

But pip is not removing the scripts installed

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SunilPatilGIT commented Oct 26, 2017

Thanks a lot. I have successfully executed the script as admin.

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Aditi1Singh commented Jun 20, 2018

I tried to manually delete all the files in the dlib module, but the Tools folder remains. Any idea how to remove the module permanently?

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edisonex commented Aug 11, 2020


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DJ004 commented Mar 18, 2021

Thanks, Luke!

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