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Convert IP address to Decimal or hexadecimal format
You can run this in the following format:
For decimal: python3 D <Ip-address>
For Hexadecimal: python3 H <Ip-address>
import sys
if len(sys.argv) < 3:
print('\nYou must give desired format and IPv4 address as input...')
print('e.g.: D')
print('Valid formats D=Decimal H=Hexadecimal\n')
Format = sys.argv[1]
def long(ip):
IP = ip.split('.')
IP = list(map(int, IP))
LongIP = IP[0]*2**24 + IP[1]*2**16 + IP[2]*2**8 + IP[3]
return LongIP
ip = long(sys.argv[2])
if Format == 'D':
print('\nIP as Decimal format: %s' % (ip))
if Format == 'H':
print('\nIP as Hexadecimal format: %s' % (hex(ip)))
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