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Last active August 15, 2020 02:42
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Tayseer Al-Saffar - Graphic Designer :

  1. Make the app link in the navbar a link to the home page
  2. Add barcode scanner
  3. Change the color pallet
  4. Add images to items
  5. Change the item display to an excel style table

I learned better ways to make my app look more attractive and some additions that will make for better user experience. I changed the logo to link to the home page in response to the feedback, I will also consider the other things when I fully style my app.

Jeremy Walker - Mentor

  1. Text in the checkboxes should be clickable
  2. Change the item view where there is an emphasis on the item name
  3. Once logged in, the option to log in should change to log out

I learned that some tiny little changes to the implementation and styling of components can fix a lot of issues with the app. I made the necessary changes to follow all the suggestions.

Ameen Nihad Senior Software Developer

  1. Hamburger menu doesn't disappear after selecting an option
  2. A bug when adding an item rendering the request unsuccessful

I learned of a bug that I didn't notice, that turned out to be caused by a leftover hardcoded lines from the static app. Ameen also suggested I use state to control the hamburger menu, which worked perfectly.

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