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Created Jun 6, 2019
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dory and dinghy config
# ~/.dinghy/preferences.yml
:unfs_disabled: false
:proxy_disabled: true
:dns_disabled: false
:fsevents_disabled: false
cpus: 4
memory: 16384
disk: 200000
provider: virtualbox
# ~/.dory.yml
# Be careful if you change the settings of some of
# these services. They may not talk to each other
# if you change IP Addresses.
# For example, resolv expects a nameserver listening at
# the specified address. dnsmasq normally does this,
# but if you disable dnsmasq, it
# will make your system look for a name server that
# doesn't exist.
enabled: true
domains: # array of domains that will be resolved to the specified address
- domain: box
address: dinghy
- domain: docker # you can set '#' for a wilcard
address: dinghy # return for queries against the domain
- domain: dev
address: dinghy
container_name: dory_dnsmasq
port: 53 # port to listen for dns requests on. must be 53 on linux. can be anything that's open on macos
# kill_others: kill processes bound to the port we need (see previous setting 'port')
# Possible values:
# ask (prompt about killing each time. User can accept/reject)
# yes|true (go aheand and kill without asking)
# no|false (don't kill, and don't even ask)
kill_others: ask
service_start_delay: 5 # seconds to wait after restarting systemd services
enabled: true
container_name: dory_dinghy_http_proxy
https_enabled: true
ssl_certs_dir: '' # leave as empty string to use default certs
enabled: true
nameserver: dinghy
port: 53 # port where the nameserver listens. On linux it must be 53
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