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BuildScript interactive mode demo
using FlubuCore.Context;
using FlubuCore.Scripting;
namespace FlubuCore
/// <summary>
/// Build script template.
/// </summary>
public class BuildScript : DefaultBuildScript
[FromArg("DeployEnviroment", "Enviroment where the application will be deployed.")]
public string DeployEnvironment { get; set; }
protected override void ConfigureBuildProperties(IBuildPropertiesContext context)
context.Properties.Set(BuildProps.ProductId, "Todo");
context.Properties.Set(BuildProps.ProductName, "Todo"); ;
context.Properties.Set(BuildProps.SolutionFileName, "..\\Todo.sln");
protected override void ConfigureTargets(ITaskContext session)
.SetDescription("Run's all tests in solution")
.Do(Example, "Running run.tests target...");
.SetDescription("Deploys application to specified environment. ")
.Do(Example, "Running deploy target...");
public void Example(ITaskContext context, string msg)
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