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simple squash without rebase
## within current branch, squashes all commits that are ahead of master down into one
## useful if you merged with upstream in the middle of your commits (rebase could get very ugly if this is the case)
## commit any working changes on branch "mybranchname", then...
git checkout master
git checkout -b mybranchname_temp
git merge --squash mybranchname
git commit -am "Message describing all squashed commits"
git branch -m mybranchname mybranchname_unsquashed
git branch -m mybranchname
## optional, not recommended if you want to keep the unsquashed history around for a bit longer
git branch -D mybranchname_unsquashed
## if squashing already-pushed commits...
git push --force
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Thank you, this is a masterpiece of gitmanship :squirrel:

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DevSide commented Dec 7, 2016

Another way, you can rebase on the parent of your first commit which is the pointer where your branch diverged.

git rebase -i FIRST_COMMIT_SHA1~

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lol.. I actually had to get some conflicts with rebase with master.. But above steps effectively got me the same thing as below could do:

  1. git reset --soft HEAD^^^ (as many new commits in your feature branch. Now, you can see all your changed files in git st )
  2. git stash (stashing all changed files of feature branch)
  3. git rebase master (no conflicts because feature branch now has no commits of its own)
  4. git stash pop (with conflicts in your changed files adding <<<< ==== wherever you made changes in your files..)

Anyways, this is good enough.

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shahi645 commented Aug 25, 2017

cheers bro, swish swish swish...another one bites the dust

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ncullen commented Apr 17, 2018

I frequently consult this GIST as I can never remember how to do this, and wish it were a single command in git. Thank you so much for saving me from rebase hell.

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Cheers again bro!

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Thanks a lot !! You saved my time :)

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Once again this has served me well...thanks!

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Fair play, this has once again pulled me from the darkness

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shahi645 commented Oct 8, 2018

Nice one m8!

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Brilliant, thanks for this

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Note that you might face the issue of setting tracking information as well (connecting your new squashed branch to your remote one). To handle this you will need to do:
git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/myfeaturebranch myfeaturebranch

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