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Alessandro Metta n0f3

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n0f3 / Windows Dev Setup
Last active Apr 2, 2020
Chocolatey packages installs
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# Configure Windows
#Set-WindowsExplorerOptions -EnableShowHiddenFilesFoldersDrives -EnableShowProtectedOSFiles -EnableShowFileExtensions -EnableShowFullPathInTitleBar
#Update-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope CurrentUser
#cinst -y Microsoft-Hyper-V-All -source windowsFeatures
# one liner
cinst -y git.install poshgit gitkraken firacode-ttf zeal golang curl wget putty php python python2 vlc filezilla opera calibre fiddler audacity greenshot 7zip.install putty.install ccleaner itunes dropbox gimp inkscape sysinternals
# Packages
n0f3 / modules.txt
Last active Apr 14, 2017
List of modules
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n0f3 / snippets.js
Last active Feb 20, 2018
Learn redux snippets #javascript
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// This enables hot loading for reducers
if ( {'./reducers/', () => {
// using require because the import syntax is required to be declared
// at the top of the file
const nextRootReducer = rquire('./reducers/index').default;
n0f3 /
Created Mar 30, 2017 — forked from mxstbr/
Enable tab completion for JSX with Emmet in Atom

Enable tab completion for JSX with Emmet in Atom

This guide assumes you have the emmet and language-babel packages already installed in Atom

Gif of the tab completion working

  1. Open the keymap.cson file by clicking on Atom -> Keymap… in the menu bar
  2. Add these lines of code to your keymap:
n0f3 / commit-msg
Created Mar 16, 2017
Git commit message hook
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files=$(git diff --cached --name-only | grep '\.jsx\?$')
# Prevent ESLint help message if no files matched
if [[ $files = "" ]] ; then
exit 0
for file in ${files}; do
n0f3 / codecampsnippets.js
Last active Dec 2, 2015
A collection of snippets from freecodecamp for reference
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// This is to access the location from the browser.
if (navigator.geolocation) {
navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function(position) {
$("#data").html("latitude: " + position.coords.latitude + "<br>longitude: " + position.coords.longitude);
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