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Updating Recaptcha

  1. Get a site and server key:
  2. Download the Google Recaptcha library:
  3. Copy the contents of src/ directory into core/lib/recaptcha (so delete everything in that folder, and replace it). It should look like this:
  1. Make the changes shown in these two links:

    Red being lines to remove, and green being what to replace them with.

  2. Add to the bottom of your local.config.php file, and read the instructions in the comments, putting the keys in the right places

# Add to the end of local.config.php
# You need to get the keys from here:
# Put the "Site Key" in RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY
# Put the "Secret Key" in RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY
Config::Set('RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY', '');
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