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Created August 16, 2023 22:34
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Unified tree-sitter API for Node.js and Web
export type Point = {
row: number;
column: number;
export type Range = {
startPosition: Point;
endPosition: Point;
startIndex: number;
endIndex: number;
export type Edit = {
startIndex: number;
oldEndIndex: number;
newEndIndex: number;
startPosition: Point;
oldEndPosition: Point;
newEndPosition: Point;
export interface SyntaxNode {
tree: Tree;
type: string;
text: string;
startPosition: Point;
endPosition: Point;
startIndex: number;
endIndex: number;
parent: SyntaxNode | null;
children: Array<SyntaxNode>;
namedChildren: Array<SyntaxNode>;
childCount: number;
namedChildCount: number;
firstChild: SyntaxNode | null;
firstNamedChild: SyntaxNode | null;
lastChild: SyntaxNode | null;
lastNamedChild: SyntaxNode | null;
nextSibling: SyntaxNode | null;
nextNamedSibling: SyntaxNode | null;
previousSibling: SyntaxNode | null;
previousNamedSibling: SyntaxNode | null;
hasChanges(): boolean;
hasError(): boolean;
isMissing(): boolean;
toString(): string;
child(index: number): SyntaxNode | null;
namedChild(index: number): SyntaxNode | null;
walk(): TreeCursor;
export interface TreeCursor {
nodeType: string;
nodeText: string;
nodeIsNamed: boolean;
nodeIsMissing: boolean;
startPosition: Point;
endPosition: Point;
startIndex: number;
endIndex: number;
reset(node: SyntaxNode): void;
gotoParent(): boolean;
gotoFirstChild(): boolean;
gotoFirstChildForIndex(index: number): boolean;
gotoNextSibling(): boolean;
export interface Tree {
readonly rootNode: SyntaxNode;
edit(delta: Edit): Tree;
walk(): TreeCursor;
getChangedRanges(other: Tree): Range[];
getEditedRange(other: Tree): Range;
export function currentFieldName(cursor: any) {
return typeof cursor.currentFieldName === 'function' ? cursor.currentFieldName.bind(cursor)() : cursor.currentFieldName;
export function currentNode(cursor: any) {
return typeof cursor.currentNode === 'function' ? cursor.currentNode.bind(cursor)() : cursor.currentNode;
export function childForFieldName(syntaxNode: SyntaxNode, fieldName: string): SyntaxNode | null {
return childrenForFieldName(syntaxNode, fieldName).next().value ?? null;
export function* childrenForFieldName(syntaxNode: SyntaxNode, fieldName: string): IterableIterator<SyntaxNode> {
const cursor = syntaxNode.walk();
if (cursor.gotoFirstChild()) {
do {
if (currentFieldName(cursor) === fieldName)
yield currentNode(cursor);
} while (cursor.gotoNextSibling());
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