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@nacyot nacyot/Cask.diff

Created Jun 1, 2014
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diff --git a/Cask b/Cask
index 3c46d75..a4b03b0 100644
--- a/Cask
+++ b/Cask
@@ -1,28 +1,21 @@
(source gnu)
-(source melpa)
(source marmalade)
+(source melpa)
-;; init-loader
-(depends-on "init-loader")
-;; package
-(depends-on "pallet")
-;; library
-(depends-on "ac-company" :git "")
+(depends-on "ac-company")
(depends-on "ac-helm")
(depends-on "ac-ispell")
(depends-on "ac-js2")
(depends-on "ac-slime")
(depends-on "ag")
(depends-on "angular-snippets")
-(depends-on "archives")
(depends-on "auto-complete")
+(depends-on "cask")
(depends-on "clojure-mode")
(depends-on "coffee-mode")
(depends-on "company")
(depends-on "company-inf-ruby")
-(depends-on "cucumber" :git "")
+(depends-on "cucumber")
(depends-on "dart-mode")
(depends-on "dash")
(depends-on "diff-hl")
@@ -33,10 +26,13 @@
(depends-on "elixir-mix")
(depends-on "elixir-mode")
(depends-on "elixir-yasnippets")
+(depends-on "epl")
(depends-on "es-lib")
-(depends-on "ess" :git "")
+(depends-on "es-windows")
+(depends-on "ess")
(depends-on "exec-path-from-shell")
(depends-on "expand-region")
+(depends-on "f")
(depends-on "find-file-in-project")
(depends-on "findr")
(depends-on "flymake-easy")
@@ -49,7 +45,7 @@
(depends-on "grizzl")
(depends-on "groovy-mode")
(depends-on "haml-mode")
-(depends-on "hangul" :git "")
+(depends-on "hangul")
(depends-on "haskell-mode")
(depends-on "haxe-mode")
(depends-on "helm")
@@ -66,12 +62,14 @@
(depends-on "ido-ubiquitous")
(depends-on "inf-ruby")
(depends-on "inflections")
+(depends-on "init-loader")
(depends-on "jade-mode")
(depends-on "js-comint")
(depends-on "js2-mode")
(depends-on "js2-refactor")
-(depends-on "json")
(depends-on "json-mode")
+(depends-on "json-reformat")
+(depends-on "json-snatcher")
(depends-on "jump")
(depends-on "less-css-mode")
(depends-on "log4e")
@@ -82,7 +80,9 @@
(depends-on "nlinum")
(depends-on "nrepl")
(depends-on "org")
-(depends-on "ox-reveal" :git "")
+(depends-on "ox-reveal")
+(depends-on "package-build")
+(depends-on "pallet")
(depends-on "paredit")
(depends-on "pkg-info")
(depends-on "popup")
@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@
(depends-on "python-mode")
(depends-on "r-autoyas")
(depends-on "rainbow-delimiters")
-(depends-on "rcodetools" :git "")
+(depends-on "rcodetools")
(depends-on "request")
(depends-on "rinari")
(depends-on "robe")
@@ -104,17 +104,17 @@
(depends-on "ruby-end")
(depends-on "ruby-hash-syntax")
(depends-on "ruby-interpolation")
-(depends-on "ruby-mode")
(depends-on "ruby-tools")
(depends-on "rust-mode")
(depends-on "s")
(depends-on "sass-mode")
(depends-on "scss-mode")
+(depends-on "shut-up")
(depends-on "simple-httpd")
(depends-on "skewer-mode")
(depends-on "slim-mode")
(depends-on "slime")
-(depends-on "slime-js" :git "")
+(depends-on "slime-repl")
(depends-on "smartparens")
(depends-on "smartrep")
(depends-on "smex")
@@ -122,6 +122,7 @@
(depends-on "starter-kit")
(depends-on "starter-kit-ruby")
(depends-on "stylus-mode")
+(depends-on "sws-mode")
(depends-on "tern")
(depends-on "tern-auto-complete")
(depends-on "tss")
@@ -133,4 +134,4 @@
(depends-on "yaml-mode")
(depends-on "yasnippet")
(depends-on "yaxception")
-(depends-on "zencoding-mode")
+(depends-on "zencoding-mode")
\ No newline at end of file

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nacyot commented Jun 2, 2014

pallet 명령어 사용 전/후 Cask 파일 비교.

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