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Worksheet for session 1

  • Follow up on the first worksheet and try to close the gap between what we built and the actual website sample.
  • Make the list persist across page loads

If you get all of that done then you can try this as well.

  • Try a calculator app next. That will be an independent project and it should be a good excuse to struggle a bit alone so that you generate some questions for next time. The stream part is definitely good but it it's still a supplement for normal independent work.
    • Start by prototyping the html
    • Move to deciding what the state should look like
    • Ask quetions on the twitter page. A subreddit might work better for this. We'll see.

Have questions or a particular interest?

At the end of the last stream I got a suggestion to make a subreddit for ad hoc communication and questions. Here it is. I arbitrarily chose front end stuff to start because its what I like, but feel free to suggest topics and ask more questions there. I'll do my best to answer everything during the week.

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