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Last active Jan 5, 2022
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mtr script to gather information about your laggy network connection so you can try to convince your ISP there actually is a problem
# When you're done, make a copy of this spreadsheet and paste report-filtered.csv into it to
# use the pivot tables to graph it out. The date column auto populates. Press ctrl+c to kill the script.
# Ignore SIGINT in this script. Just use it to kill the watch command and then let
# the script fall through to format the results.
trap handler SIGINT
watch -n 0 'mtr --report --report-cycles 15 --csv >> report-raw.csv'
head -n 1 report.csv > report-filtered.csv
# Filter our the header lines with grep or they'll appear throughout the csv. I just hard coded
# one header line in the google sheet at the top.
cat report-raw.csv | grep -v Mtr >> report.csv
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