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import re
def split4level(str):
splits = line.split(" ",1)
if len(splits)>1: return splits
return "",""
def getName(str):
if str.count('(')>1: str = str.replace('(','<',1).replace(')','>',1)
str = re.sub('<.*?>','',str)
name = str.split("(",1)[0]
name = name.replace('<s>','').replace('</s>','').translate(None,"\'[]#,\n").strip()
return name
def getUser(str):
temp = re.findall("[Uu]ser:.*?\]",str)
if len(temp )<1: return ""
temp = temp[0].translate(None,"]")
t = temp.find('|')
if t is not -1: temp = temp[:t]
return temp
textfile = 'votes.txt'
cnt = 0
name, aye, nay = "",0,0
users, uaye, unay = [],{},{}
nafsadh = []
withdrawsErr = False
with open(textfile, "rU") as file:
lines = file.readlines()
for line in lines:
level,rest = split4level(line)
# print level
if level == "#":
print "{},{},{},{}".format(cnt,name,aye,nay)
aye,nay,cnt = 0,0,(cnt+1)
name = getName(rest)
if level == "###":
user = getUser(rest)
if user not in users and user is not "":
users.append(user);uaye[user]=0; unay[user]=0
if "<s>" in rest and ("{{aye" in rest or "{{nay" in rest):
print "Error in withdrawn vote at:",name
withdrawsErr = True
if "{{aye" in rest:
if "{{nay" in rest:
print "{},{},{},{}".format(cnt,name,aye,nay)
users = sorted(users, key=lambda s: s.lower())
for u in users:
total = uaye[u]+unay[u]
excessClause = "{{Redflag}} "+str(total-40)+ " excess votes" if total>40 else ""
print "# [[{}]] ({})".format(u,(uaye[u]+unay[u])),"Y:",uaye[u],"N:",unay[u], excessClause
if withdrawsErr: print "Error in withdrawn votes"
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