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Created April 16, 2019 01:28
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Example PUB/SUB from PyZMQ
import zmq
import sys,os,time
port = '5563'
def server():
context = zmq.Context()
socket = context.socket(zmq.PUB)
socket.bind('tcp://*:%s' % port)
while True:
socket.send_multipart([b"A", b"We don't want to see this"])
socket.send_multipart([b"B", b"We would like to see this"])
def client():
context = zmq.Context()
socket = context.socket(zmq.SUB)
socket.connect('tcp://localhost:%s' % port)
socket.setsockopt(zmq.SUBSCRIBE, b"B")
while True:
[addr, data] = socket.recv_multipart()
print('[%s]: %s' % ( addr, data ) )
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