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Selenium WDIO config file for Experitest cloud
exports.config = {
runner: 'local',
hostname: 'CLOUDURL',// e.g.,
protocol: 'https',
port: 443,
services: ['appium'],
path: '/wd/hub',
specs: [
// Patterns to exclude
exclude: [
// 'path/to/excluded/files'
maxInstances: 10,
capabilities: [{
accessKey: 'EXPERITEST ACCESSS KEY', //access key from experitest cloud
browserName: 'chrome', // can point to any available browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge etc
platformName: 'Any', //you can mention different platforms like windows 10, Mac etc
testName: 'wdio #1'
logLevel: 'info',
bail: 0,
baseUrl: 'http://localhost',
waitforTimeout: 10000,
connectionRetryTimeout: 90000,
connectionRetryCount: 3,
framework: 'mocha',
reporters: ['spec'],
mochaOpts: {
ui: 'bdd',
timeout: 60000
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