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Calculation for Masses of Gold are different between International standard and Myanmar, we need own calculator for that and that's the example
# Declaration
mass = [];
def check_num num
raise(ArgumentError, "Put Numbers only") if /[[:alpha:]]/.match(num)
# Enter mass
puts "enter kyat, pyel, ywey with coma seperated value. 'x,y,z' "
input = gets
check_num input
input.chomp.delete(' ').split(',').each do |m|
# In case of nil
mass[1] = mass[2] = 0 unless mass[1] and mass[2]
# defining range
raise(ArgumentError, "Pyel must lower than 16 and ywey must lower than 8 ") unless mass[1] < 16 and mass[2] < 8
puts "enter current Gold price"
input = gets
check_num input
price = input.to_f
puts "15 pyel or 16 pyel, enter numbers"
input = gets
check_num input
pyel = input.to_f
# Preparing Data
result = (mass[0] + (mass[1]+ mass[2]/8)/pyel) * price
puts result
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