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Last active July 21, 2020 07:00
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i18next App.tsx file
import React from 'react';
import {SafeAreaView, StyleSheet, View, Text, StatusBar} from 'react-native';
// Localization.ts code can be found here:
import './localization';
import {useTranslation} from 'react-i18next';
declare const global: {HermesInternal: null | {}};
const App = () => {
const {t} = useTranslation();
return (
<StatusBar barStyle="dark-content" />
<SafeAreaView style={styles.main}>
<Text>{t('Welcome to React')}</Text>
const styles = StyleSheet.create({
main: {
flex: 1,
justifyContent: 'center',
alignItems: 'center',
export default App;
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