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Last active August 2, 2020 04:05
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Integrating CodePush 7

For future versions refer this repo:

React Native version(s) Supporting CodePush version(s)
<0.14 Unsupported
v0.14 v1.3 (introduced Android support)
v0.15-v0.18 v1.4-v1.6 (introduced iOS asset support)
v0.19-v0.28 v1.7-v1.17 (introduced Android asset support)
v0.29-v0.30 v1.13-v1.17 (RN refactored native hosting code)
v0.31-v0.33 v1.14.6-v1.17 (RN refactored native hosting code)
v0.34-v0.35 v1.15-v1.17 (RN refactored native hosting code)
v0.36-v0.39 v1.16-v1.17 (RN refactored resume handler)
v0.40-v0.42 v1.17 (RN refactored iOS header files)
v0.43-v0.44 v2.0+ (RN refactored uimanager dependencies)
v0.45 v3.0+ (RN refactored instance manager code)
v0.46 v4.0+ (RN refactored js bundle loader code)
v0.46-v0.53 v5.1+ (RN removed unused registration of JS modules)
v0.54-v0.55 v5.3+ (Android Gradle Plugin 3.x integration)
v0.56-v0.58 v5.4+ (RN upgraded versions for Android tools)
v0.59 v5.6+ (RN refactored js bundle loader code)
v0.60-v0.61 v6.0+ (RN migrated to Autolinking)
v0.62 v6.2+ (RN removed LiveReload)
v0.63 v6.3+ (The latest version at the point of writing)
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