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Created Mar 25, 2013

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Relevant information for those who are considering employing me

Alternate Resume

Relevant information for those who are considering employing me.

If you like traditional looking resumes, check here.

What I do everyday

I code. Red, green, refactor. I love Vim, Ruby and Coffeescript.

What I do generally

Build stuff. From code to tree-houses to businesses. (Yes, I do like building tree-houses.) Oh, and I enjoy making and mixing electronic music.

What I have been coding on lately

  • For a client - creating a HTML5 word game not unlike scrabble but with an added dimension. It supports touchscreens including Windows 8. Rails on the back, Backbone on the front, with heavy use of canvas and the Easle.js library.
  • For me - building a simple way for non-technical people to play with virtual servers in the cloud. A (free) marketplace of server configurations and virtual servers. This service resells virtual servers by the day from multiple providers. The goal is to remove the complexity and add fun.

Stuff I use

I develop and deploy on Ubuntu. I am often pairing remotely using Tmux, or developing locally using Vagrant. Although I like Ubuntu and Lenovo hardware, I would probably switch to Mac if the rest of the team is using it. (I'm easily won over by shiny new things. :-)

I am always using Rspec, although I can use TestUnit and MiniTest. I still like Cucumber, but lately I have been skipping it in favor of Rspec / Capybara integration tests.

My attitude

  • I am always trying to ask, in my head, or out load if appropriate, "how can i help?".


  • C-64 BASIC -> Cold Fusion -> PHP/Javascript -> Ruby/Coffeescript
  • Building Rails apps since version 0.14.2 (just looked at my first (svn) commit from 7 years ago, wow)


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