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On the edge

nanjizal nanjizal

On the edge
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nanjizal / Main.hx
Last active Jun 6, 2022
Demo of 256 color in neko
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import SysPrint256;
class Main {
static final text = 'Hello';
* Demo of 256 color in terminal
static public function main():Void {
var cyan = 51;
var purple = 57;
var colortxt = fontColor( text, cyan, purple );
nanjizal / Backwards.hx
Created May 28, 2022
Backwards Iterator
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@:access(IntIterator.min, IntIterator.max )
class IntIterStart {
public var start: Int;
public var max: Int;
public function new( min_: Int, max_: Int ){
start = min_;
max = max_;
nanjizal / CornerContourContact.hx
Created May 14, 2022
CornerContourContact without contact
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package contacthx.testdemos;
/* WebGL based example using CornerContour totally overkill but perhaps easyier to setup for me */
// contour code
import cornerContour.Sketcher;

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nanjizal / Test.hx
Created Oct 19, 2021
TwoLines first implementation of Trilateral CornerContour in haxe flash - 25 September 2017
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import TwoLines;
import flash.display.Graphics;
class Test {
static function main() {
var cur = flash.Lib.current;
var sp = new flash.display.Sprite();
var g =;
TwoLines.testColors = true; // sets some default colors.
nanjizal / index.html
Created Oct 14, 2021
Example of thick gradient and half curved ends, using cornerContour
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<!DOCTYPE html><meta charset="UTF-8"><html><body><script src="test.js"></script></body></html>
nanjizal / PlayState.hx
Last active Oct 5, 2021
Broken Fixel test of cornerContour
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// contour code
import cornerContour.Sketcher;
import cornerContour.SketcherGrad;
import cornerContour.Pen2D;
import cornerContour.Pen2DGrad;
import cornerContour.StyleSketch;
nanjizal / cornerContourTests.hxml
Created Oct 3, 2021
Experiments with CornerContour
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#cornerContour installs
--cmd haxelib install fracs
--cmd haxelib install justPath
--cmd haxelib install cornerContour
--cmd haxelib install htmlHelper
nanjizal / setupAtlasMaking.hxml
Created Apr 27, 2021
code to setup atlass making.
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-cmd haxelib git format
-cmd haxelib git hxRectPack2D
-cmd haxelib git hxPixels
-cmd haxelib git folder
-cmd git clone
nanjizal / Rose.hx
Last active Apr 26, 2021
Rose.hx experimental add to fracs, used for working with Compass directions.
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package fracs;
import fracs.Fraction;
import fracs.Angles;
import fracs.ZeroTo2pi;
// Compass Rose
enum abstract Rose32( Int ) to Int from Int {
var N = 0;
var NbE = 1;
var NNE;