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Attempting to Compare sp_configure differences between two instances - TODO: need to change into a function
<# To compare two server configs ( sp_configure ) #>
$oldProps = Get-DbaSpConfigure -SqlInstance 'SERVER01' # | Sort-Object ConfigName
$newProps = Get-DbaSpConfigure -SqlInstance 'NEWSERVER-02' #| Sort-Object ConfigName
$propCompare = foreach ($prop in $oldprops) {
if (($prop2 = $newprops | Where-Object DisplayName -EQ $prop.DisplayName) -AND ($prop2.RunningValue -NE $prop.RunningValue)) {
Config = $prop.DisplayName
$($prop.SQLInstance) = $prop.RunningValue
$($prop2.SQLInstance) = $newprops | Where-Object DisplayName -EQ $prop.DisplayName | Select-Object -ExpandProperty RunningValue
$propCompare | Out-GridView
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