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SQL Server knows your future compatiblity level... danger!
--Do you really reallly want to run this?
DECLARE @highestcompatlevel TINYINT,
@dbname NVARCHAR(128),
@sql NVARCHAR(400);
SELECT @highestcompatlevel = MAX(compatibility_level)
FROM sys.databases;
SELECT @dbname = DB_NAME();
SELECT @sql = 'ALTER DATABASE [' + @dbname + '] set compatibility_level = ' + CAST(@highestcompatlevel AS NVARCHAR(3));
PRINT @sql;
--Do you really reallly want to run this?
--EXECUTE sp_executesql @sql

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@nanoDBA nanoDBA commented Jan 10, 2018

Okay - max isn't really the future.
But it could be the future of your current database.

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