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Fernando Paredes nanoxd

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nanoxd / rbenv.plugin.zsh
Created Aug 19, 2019
Plugin for rbenv on ZSH
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rbenvdirs=("$HOME/.rbenv" "$HOME/.local/rbenv" "/usr/local/opt/rbenv" "/usr/local/rbenv" "/opt/rbenv")
for rbenvdir in "${rbenvdirs[@]}" ; do
if [ -z "$found_rbenv" ] && [ -d "$rbenvdir/versions" ]; then
if [ -z "$RBENV_ROOT" ]; then
nanoxd / Pendulum.swift
Created Mar 30, 2019
A wrapper around a repeating timer that does not require invalidation.
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/// A wrapper around a repeating timer that does not require invalidation.
final class Pendulum {
let timer: Timer
init(seconds: TimeInterval, closure: @escaping () -> ()) {
timer = Timer.scheduledTimer(
withTimeInterval: seconds,
repeats: true,
block: { _ in
nanoxd / Request+Result.swift
Last active Mar 30, 2019
Request+Result.swift #swift
View Request+Result.swift
extension Request where Response: Decodable {
func handle(
response: Result<Data, Error>,
completion: (Result<Response, Error>) -> Void) {
completion(Result {
try JSONDecoder().decode(Response.self, from: response.get())
nanoxd / main.swift
Created Feb 7, 2019
[Assert Main Queue] Assert you're on main queue. Note that main thread and main queue are not always the same thing
View main.swift
condition: DispatchPredicate.onQueue(DispatchQueue.main)
nanoxd / Either.swift
Created Dec 22, 2018
[Either] A type representing an alternative of one of two types.
View Either.swift
/// A type representing an alternative of one of two types.
/// By convention, and where applicable, `Left` is used to indicate failure, while `Right` is used to indicate success. (Mnemonic: “right” is a synonym for “correct.”)
/// Otherwise, it is implied that `Left` and `Right` are effectively unordered alternatives of equal standing.
public enum Either<Left, Right> {
case left(Left)
case right(Right)
/// Returns the value of `Left` instances, or `nil` for `Right` instances.
nanoxd / HelloWorldViewModel.swift
Created Dec 16, 2018
[ViewModelType] Provide a clear contract between inputs/outputs desired in a view model
View HelloWorldViewModel.swift
final class HelloWorldViewModel: ViewModelType {
let input: Input
let output: Output
struct Input {
let name: Anyobserver<String>
struct Output {
let greeting: Driver<String>
nanoxd / Collection+anySatisfy.swift
Created Dec 10, 2018
[Collection.anySatisfy] With the introduction of allSatisfy, we can cleanly represent the inverse.
View Collection+anySatisfy.swift
extension Collection {
func anySatisfy(_ p: (Element) -> Bool) -> Bool {
return !self.allSatisfy { !p($0) }
nanoxd / PermutationIterator.swift
Created Dec 10, 2018
[PermutationIterator] Use of Heap's Algorithm to create permutations
View PermutationIterator.swift
public struct PermutationIterator<T>: IteratorProtocol {
private var hasReturnedInitial = false
private var a: [T]
private var c: [Int]
private let n: Int
private var i = 0
public init<C: Collection>(_ values: C) where C.Element == T {
a = Array(values)
n = a.count
nanoxd /
Last active Jun 10, 2019
[Xcode Diet] Clean up after Xcode's voracious hard drive appetite
#!/usr/bin/env sh
set -e
fancy_echo() {
local fmt="$1"; shift
printf "\n$fmt\n" "$@"
nanoxd / fix-xcode
Last active Mar 15, 2019
Xcode Scripts
View fix-xcode
#!/usr/bin/env sh
# Xcode sometimes gets sad and won't index or other shenanigans. You can easily cheer up Xcode
# and get things happy again by simply removing some files. This little script does just that.
# Quit Xcode
osascript -e 'tell app "Xcode" to quit'
# Remove derived data
rm -rf ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/*
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