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@naota naota/statfs.c
Created Sep 3, 2018

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struct statfs {
__fsword_t f_type; /* Type of filesystem (see below) */
__fsword_t f_bsize; /* Optimal transfer block size */
fsblkcnt_t f_blocks; /* Total data blocks in filesystem */
fsblkcnt_t f_bfree; /* Free blocks in filesystem */
fsblkcnt_t f_bavail; /* Free blocks available to
unprivileged user */
fsfilcnt_t f_files; /* Total file nodes in filesystem */
fsfilcnt_t f_ffree; /* Free file nodes in filesystem */
fsid_t f_fsid; /* Filesystem ID */
__fsword_t f_namelen; /* Maximum length of filenames */
__fsword_t f_frsize; /* Fragment size (since Linux 2.6) */
__fsword_t f_flags; /* Mount flags of filesystem
(since Linux 2.6.36) */
__fsword_t f_spare[xxx];
/* Padding bytes reserved for future use */
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