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About me and list of my talks, sessions, contributions etc.

About Me 👍

Hi, I’m Narain! A Full Stack software engineer, Web & Javascript specialist, community speaker, a tech mentor, an open source enthusiast and a freelance consultant passionate about web platform (especially JavaScript).
I recently moved to Italy from Karachi, Pakistan for my master's studies.
I’ve been working with Web Technologies (i.e., PHP & Laravel, Python & Django/Flask, Typescript, Angular, React, RxJS, Node.js, Express.js/Koa2, Loopback, Firebase, Webpack, Docker, etc) since 2015.
I’m a huge fan of test-driven development and maintaining a high standard of code quality by following the market-standards and best-practices. One of my key goals when developing a software is to design it in a way that it’s easy to maintain and scale.
I’ve been part of various projects where I’ve had the range of responsibilities from the development of a user-friendly UI with the help of JavaScript frameworks like Angular/React, well-documented API servers using NodeJS including a secure and scalable deployment of web-applications to cloud services like Amazon AWS.
Moreover, I enjoy speaking in front of a crowd, giving training, mentoring and sharing my knowledge through workshops or presentations at different community events and meetups. In my spare time, I enjoy watching cinemas, reading, traveling, visiting new places, and long walks.


Website | Blog | GitHub | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Stack Overflow | Youtube | Upwork | PaperCall | Resume

My Talks

Here're list of my given sessions and talks at different community events and meetups, etc. Please find a link to my YouTube playlist here for all of my sessions videos.

Topic Links Venue Dated Language
Understanding the Job Market & Cracking the Interviews Upcoming Youtube Jun 18, 2018 Urdu
Introduction to CSS Preprocessors Slides, Video Recurship Dec 26, 2017 Urdu
Advanced Angular Routing Video, Slides, Live Demo, Code Recurship Nov 1, 2017 Urdu
Advanced Angular Routing Video, Slides, Live Demo, Code ngPakistan Nov 1, 2017 Urdu
Building Angular Applications Video, Slides, Live Demo, Code ngPakistan Sep 14, 2017 Urdu
Getting Started with Open Source Contribution Slides, Video Recurship Jul 12, 2017 Urdu
What's new in Angular4 Video, Slides, Live Demo, Code Recurship Mar 29, 2017 Urdu
Debugging Angular2+ Apps Slides, Video Recurship Jan 27, 2017 Urdu
Angular2+ End To End Testing Video, Slides Recurship Dec 2, 2016 Urdu

List of my speaking / mentoring experiences:

Tech Mentor at TechKaro program | Karachi, Pakistan

Read about the TechKaro program here

I'm an active mentor in all TechKaro mentor-meetups, We give motivation to entry-level students and give them effective feedbacks and code reviews of their different web designing projects and tasks (i.e., 5+ projects in each meetup).

Tech Mentor at NodeSchool | Karachi Chapter


  • Meetup#1 - Introducing NodeSchool Karachi Chapter and a hands-on workshop of basic node.js exercises.
  • Meetup#2 - mainly focused on "Node.js & REST API's".

Always get a chance to network & meet with some amazing and new tech personalities people locally with node.js expertise and related areas. I always enjoy mentoring there.

Tech Mentor at ngGirls | Karachi Chapter


  • First ever community launched especially for tech women's in Pakistan to invite them in the angular community, teach them to learn angular together and bring them together at a single platform.
  • In our first meetup, we Introduced angular to newbies and we did some amazing exercise collaboratively.
  • Networking & talk with some amazing tech mentors and the participants too.

Tech Mentor at FreeCodeCamp | Karachi Chapter


Tech Speaker at ngPakistan | Karachi, Pakistan

Speaker at the AngularPakistan Karachi meetups. Got a chance to speak about angular in-front of 50+ people crowd at AngularPakistan meetups and talked on "Introduction to Angular and How to Build applications with Angular" and "Advanced routing in angular" topics.

Community Mentor at | Karachi, Pakistan


Recently developed community with a great motive to gather amazing people on a single platform and help tech guys to present themselves in front of a huge audience by polishing their communication and presentation skills. In every meetup unique and advanced topics being presented and discussed by tech guys. Always get a chance to network & meet with new amazing tech people and I enjoy mentoring there.

Tech Speaker at Recurship

Github repository of all talks here:

We have a local community channel developed with the name of Recurship/dev-sessions, all of my talks can be easily found on the following Github repository.

List of my some cool open-source contributions:

Some GitHub contributions (PR's list):

Some contributions in public GitHub repos:

some of my cool open-source starters code over GitHub:

some of my open-source code-samples over GitHub:

Cheers, Narain.

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