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This file contains the commands to setup your new Windows development environment @ RootedGlobal. Please read carefully and follow the instructions. :)


When you join Rooted Global you will be need to configure/setup the machine (if not already done so) using the tools and instructions mentioned below.

Installing apps

Please make sure you have basic familiarity with your machine OS environment and how it works?

We want you to download and install atleast the following recommended tools on your system for now, rest of the tools you might be need in the future (i.e., make sure to check the system configuration before proceed further):

Moreover, you can also install these following tools whenenever needed.

verify the node.js & npm installation:

$ node --version
$ npm --version

Installing toolchain

# Grunt
npm install -g grunt-cli
# Yarn
npm install -g yarn

FYI: NPM is a node package manager. It helps in managing and installation of node.js packages / libraries. You may be need to visit and explore this link for more:

App and System settings

Once you have the applications installed, you will need to configure them. For most its as simple as signing in with your id (create accounts if you dont have already).


Chrome should be your primary browser, though you are free to use any browser you like. Firstly, signin with our (or personal) Google id. You should also install plugins will you might need to use (Vimium, Flashblock, Postman).

Code editor

Though we recommend you to use VSCode But You are free to use Atom / Sublime Text editor as well. Anything light weight really. We avoid using IDEs like Eclipse for small projects since they are really bulky and slow (but we might use them in the near future or so!).

Getting to know the terminal

For windows you can use command prompt it self. or use opensource available ones like cmder or Console

You can also find other iTerm alternatives for windows here:

Getting yourself familiar with Git using SourceTree and are the recommended readings to explore and learn about Git.

Also, You may checkout these courses links:

Checkout these below youtube videos to Learn about SourceTree and how it works (i.e., For this you can also try practicing with any of your current project yourself).


Hopefully you machine is now all set and ready to work on! As you can see there is a lot to learn - so get right down to it. If you have any questions or confusions dont hesitate to get them cleared out right away.

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