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Reference Materials resources for the TechKaro-meetup session titled "Beginning of new chapter? What’s next?" held on December 22, 2018 @ Usman Institute of Technology, Karachi Pakistan

NOTE: Updated version of this document is been posted over my medium blog. Here's a link to the blog post:

Reference Materials for the TechKaro meetup session titled "Beginning of new chapter? What’s next?" held on December 22, 2018 @ Usman Institute of Technology, Karachi Pakistan

Here's the link to session slides:

Following are the recommended readings for Creating your own version of CV / Resume and few interviews advice/tips by Syed Musa Ali:

Below are some curated list of resources links, I collected which you could use for self and online learning. Please go ahead and explore each one of them.

Curated list of online courses / learning portals:

Here're some portals which will help you all in learning programming & related courses:

There're plenty of online videos over Youtube which you could watch and learn easily. You can also find Lynda courses on Torrent sites and can easily download them for free.

FYI: Create your accounts here on these below portals and practice coding exercises (try to solve at-least one problem daily) on these both platforms:

There is also another good platform called to learn about data-structure and algorithms (use this for your learning and learn/revise about the detailed concepts of data-structure and algorithms here: (this will help you in learning how to build your thinking to solve the advanced/complex coding problems efficiently and easily - the advanced problems you could find over above protals like and

References (i.e., You may checkout these links):

Online Tutorials / learning portals:

I'd heavily recommend to everyone as This will boost up your profile/resume and will also help you in your job hunting career.

Freelancing portals:

These are some of renowned freelancing websites where you could create your profile and starting your freelancing career (or work from home):

I'd recommend you all to spend sometime with understanding the portal(s) itself and then start your freelance career. Fiverr portal will be really good to start with and the recommended option for you all. On Fiverr, There's an option of Buyer Requests under Selling Tab where you could easily find the various jobs / requirements posted by clients and you can also send your offer / proposal to them easily.

-- Go and get yourself registered on Fiverr quickly using this link


Finally, Try to build up your social tech profile and aim to become the ninja in your desired field of choice. Below are few tips:

  • Try to create your own version of CV / Resume and keep updating it regularly (i.e., every week / month).
  • Sign up for LinkedIn profile today (if you don't have one).
  • Participate in different community events / meetups arround you and try to connect with professionals.
  • Ask questions and participate in stackoverflow community.
  • Search for opensource projects over GitHub and try contributing to them.
  • Create your personal website and host it online.
  • profile will be a really good & recommended option to start with!
  • Lastly, Please don't forget / hesitate to ask questions!

If you have any queries / questions, please don't hesitate to contact me either via my AMA repo over GitHub or comment box below.


~ Narain.

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