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@narbs narbs/.vimrc
Created Aug 11, 2010

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set nocompatible
source $VIMRUNTIME/vimrc_example.vim
behave xterm
set selectmode=mouse
set lines=50
set co=80
set vb
set ignorecase
set lcs=tab:>-,trail:-
set nolist
set ts=3
set sw=3
" disable backup file creation
set nobackup
set nowritebackup
" turns on omnicompletion ctrl+x, ctrl+o
filetype plugin on
set ofu=syntaxcomplete#Complete
"set guioptions=mr
"set guioptions=mrlb
"set guioptions=gmrLtT
setlocal spell spelllang=en_au
set nospell
set guifont=DejaVu\ Sans\ Mono:h11
"set guifont=Envy\ Code\ R:h12
" set et
set ai
:colo darkblue
:fu! It()
:return setline(line("."), strftime("%a %Y-%m-%d %X ") . getline(line(".")))
:map <F12> o<ESC>:call It()<CR>A
:imap <F12> <ESC>:call It()<CR>A
" Function for use with Sort(), to compare two strings.
func! Strcmp(str1, str2)
if (a:str1 < a:str2)
return -1
elseif (a:str1 > a:str2)
return 1
return 0
" Sort lines. SortR() is called recursively.
func! SortR(start, end, cmp)
if (a:start >= a:end)
let partition = a:start - 1
let middle = partition
let partStr = getline((a:start + a:end) / 2)
let i = a:start
while (i <= a:end)
let str = getline(i)
exec "let result = " . a:cmp . "(str, partStr)"
if (result <= 0)
" Need to put it before the partition. Swap lines i and partition.
let partition = partition + 1
if (result == 0)
let middle = partition
if (i != partition)
let str2 = getline(partition)
call setline(i, str2)
call setline(partition, str)
let i = i + 1
" Now we have a pointer to the "middle" element, as far as partitioning
" goes, which could be anywhere before the partition. Make sure it is at
" the end of the partition.
if (middle != partition)
let str = getline(middle)
let str2 = getline(partition)
call setline(middle, str2)
call setline(partition, str)
call SortR(a:start, partition - 1, a:cmp)
call SortR(partition + 1, a:end, a:cmp)
" To Sort a range of lines, pass the range to Sort() along with the name of a
" function that will compare two lines.
func! Sort(cmp) range
call SortR(a:firstline, a:lastline, a:cmp)
" :Sort takes a range of lines and sorts them.
command! -nargs=0 -range Sort <line1>,<line2>call Sort("Strcmp")
set diffexpr=MyDiff()
function MyDiff()
let opt = ''
if &diffopt =~ 'icase' | let opt = opt . '-i ' | endif
if &diffopt =~ 'iwhite' | let opt = opt . '-b ' | endif
silent execute '!C:\Program Files\Vim\vim73e\diff -a ' . opt . v:fname_in . ' ' . v:fname_new . ' > ' . v:fname_out
" vim -b : edit binary using xxd-format!
augroup Binary
au BufReadPre *.bin,*.dmp,*.exe let &bin=1
au BufReadPost *.bin,*.dmp,*.exe if &bin | %!xxd
au BufReadPost *.bin,*.dmp,*.exe set ft=xxd | endif
au BufWritePre *.bin,*.dmp,*.exe if &bin | %!xxd -r
au BufWritePre *.bin,*.dmp,*.exe endif
au BufWritePost *.bin,*.dmp,*.exe if &bin | %!xxd
au BufWritePost *.bin,*.dmp,*.exe set nomod | endif
augroup END
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