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Last active Apr 6, 2021
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VS Code Personal User Settings
// Workbench
"workbench.settings.editor": "json",
"workbench.activityBar.visible": false,
"workbench.colorTheme": "Gruvbox Dark Hard",
"workbench.startupEditor": "newUntitledFile",
"workbench.sideBar.location": "right",
"workbench.iconTheme": "vscode-great-icons",
// Window
"window.menuBarVisibility": "classic",
"window.zoomLevel": -1,
// Editor
"editor.fontFamily": " Liberation Mono, Cascadia Code, Fira Code",
"editor.fontSize": 16,
"editor.fontWeight": "400",
"editor.fontLigatures": true,
"editor.wordWrap": "on",
"editor.lineHeight": 25,
"editor.letterSpacing": 0.5,
"editor.renderIndentGuides": true,
"editor.renderWhitespace": "none",
"editor.renderControlCharacters": false,
"editor.cursorSmoothCaretAnimation": true,
"editor.minimap.enabled": false,
"editor.tabSize": 2,
"editor.insertSpaces": true,
"editor.detectIndentation": true,
"files.trimTrailingWhitespace": false,
"files.insertFinalNewline": true,
"files.trimFinalNewlines": true,
// Javascript
"[javascript]": {
"editor.formatOnSave": false
// Typescript
"[typescript]": {
"editor.formatOnSave": true
// Emmet
"emmet.includeLanguages": {
"javascript": "javascriptreact",
"erb": "html",
"ruby": "html"
// Ruby
"ruby.lint": {
"rubocop": true
"ruby.lintDebounceTime": 500,
"[ruby]": {
"editor.formatOnSave": false
// Others
"explorer.openEditors.visible": 0,
"breadcrumbs.enabled": false,
"editor.suggestSelection": "first",
"editor.matchBrackets": false,
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