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Github Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Brazil via SMS

The Github doesn't provide country code for Brazil (+55). To add this option, just run the code below in your console. The option Brazil +55 will be the first on the list, already selected:

🇧🇷 [pt-BR]

Autenticação em dois fatores (2FA) do GitHub para o Brasil via SMS

zhcnxf / build.gradle
Last active May 7, 2020 16:15
Deploy aar file to maven repository for each flavor
apply plugin: 'maven-publish'
afterEvaluate {
android.libraryVariants.each { variant ->
if ( == "release") {
publishing.publications.create variant.flavorName, MavenPublication, {
groupId "$group"
version "$version"
artifactId "$$variant.flavorName"
artifact variant.outputs.outputFile.get(0)