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Send Welcome Email Notification with Event and Listener

Send Welcome Email Notification with Event and Listener

Step 1

Create SendWelcomeEmailNotification notification

php artisan make:notification SendWelcomeEmailNotification

Step 2

Create SendWelcomeEmail listener on user registration by register App\Listeners\SendWelcomeEmail to Illuminate\Auth\Events\Registered in app\Providers\EventServiceProvider.php.

protected $listen = [
    'Illuminate\Auth\Events\Registered' => [

Then run this command in terminal:

php artisan event:generate

Step 3

Open up App\Listeners\SendWelcomeEmail.php, add the following lines:


namespace App\Listeners;

use App\Notifications\SendWelcomeEmailNotification;
use Illuminate\Auth\Events\Registered;

class SendWelcomeEmail
     * Create the event listener.
     * @return void
    public function __construct()

     * Handle the event.
     * @param  Registered  $event
     * @return void
    public function handle(Registered $event)
            new SendWelcomeEmailNotification()

Step 4

Please ensured to setup your database and emails connection, and migrate the existing migration scripts. Then create auth scaffold if not done yet.

php artisan migrate && php artisan make:auth

Step 6

Then you're ready to register. You should receive email once registered.

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