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//Cat photo used in class example by Nick Nunns on Flickr:
var img;
//preload will load before setup runs
function preload() {
//this relative file path starts in the same folder as your sketch.
//In other words, in this example, make a folder called images in the same
//folder as your sketch file (sketch.js) and then put the image file ("kittens.jpg")
//inside of that.
img = loadImage("images/kittens.jpg");
function setup() {
createCanvas(img.width, img.height);
image(img, 0, 0); //draw the image to the canvas
console.log("Image width: " + img.width + " height: " + img.height);
//one of the built-in filters to try out for inspiration! More at:
//uncomment to test
//filter(POSTERIZE, 5);
//change pixels, draw a blue stripe
for(var i=4*640*100;i<4*640*200;i+=4) {
pixels[i] = 0; //red
pixels[i+1] = 0; //green
pixels[i+2] = 255; //blue
pixels[i+3] = 255; //alpha (transparency - works with PNGs, not JPGs)
//change tint of pixels in a stripe by modifying the red channel
for(var i=4*640*300;i<4*640*400;i+=4) {
pixels[i] = pixels[i]-50; //red
function draw() {
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