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What would you like to do?
1. Change the nouns, verbs, adverbs to your own choice of words
2. Change the sentence structure (for example, add "and" and then a second clause)
3. Change the words to a different language (could be the one you are studying in
school right now). Change the sentence structure so that the sentences are grammatically
var nouns, verbs, adverbs;
function setup() {
createCanvas(500, 500);
nouns = ["cat", "dream", "computer"];
verbs = ["eats", "sleeps", "paints"];
adverbs = ["cheerfully", "uneasily", "abruptly"];
//list all the verbs (example of how to loop through the array)
for(var i=0;i<verbs.length;i++) {
//make a random sentence and draw it to the screen
var sentence = "The ";
sentence += nouns[floor(random(nouns.length))] + " ";
sentence += verbs[floor(random(verbs.length))] + " ";
sentence += adverbs[floor(random(adverbs.length))] + ".";
text(sentence, 100, 300);
function draw() {
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