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Wrapper function to help scale shapes in P5
function setup() {
createCanvas(600, 600);
//example: draw something, unscaled
yourFunctionThatDrawsAThing(100, 200);
//example: make a half scale version
var scaledByHalf = autoScale(yourFunctionThatDrawsAThing, 0.5);
//run the half scale version, placed at specific coordinates on the screen
scaledByHalf(100, 200);
//example: make a three times scale version
var scaledByThree = autoScale(yourFunctionThatDrawsAThing, 3);
//run the three times scale version, placed at specific coordinates on the screen
scaledByThree(10, 300);
//replace this function with your own function that draws a shape
//first two arguments (inputs) must be its x and y coordinates, others can be anything
function yourFunctionThatDrawsAThing(x, y) {
translate(x, y);
bezier(0, 0, 50, 70, 200, -85, 300, 0);
//leave this function as-is, it will help you scale things
function autoScale(shape, scaleFactor) {
return function() {
translate((1-scaleFactor)*arguments[0], (1-scaleFactor)*arguments[1]);
shape.apply(null, arguments);
function draw() {
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