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Last active March 30, 2021 22:35
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Dokku reference

I host side projects on a DigitalOcean droplet running Dokku. For reference:

One-time setup of Lets Encrypt

$ ssh sudo dokku plugin:install
$ ssh dokku letsencrypt:cron-job --add

Creating an app

With a Dockerfile or Procfile:

$ ssh apps:create $NAME
$ git remote add dokku$NAME
$ git push dokku master
$ ssh config:set--no-restart $NAME DOKKU_LETSENCRYPT_EMAIL=${NAME}
$ ssh letsencrypt $NAME

Remember to map the subdomain with an A record to the droplet.

Add SSH key

$ ssh sudo dokku ssh-tags:add github-deploy <

Looking forward

Ideally, projects with a Dockerfile should be built "locally" (i.e., not on the droplet) since the droplet isn't particularly powerful.

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